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american history x

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I remember watching part of American History X about two years ago. The only part of this movie I saw was when the skinhead was sent to jail for killing a black man. Not until last month that I remembered the name of the movie and I had seen it for sale in Wal Mart. I had to buy it because I knew it was a must see movie. I saw it and then this movie comes out as a topic for an essay I had to write about. I picked this movie because since I had seen it already I would have something to write about. American History X focuses on the life of a young white man who is going thru racial issues and the views of government and his opinion on how people should be treated based on their color of their skin. According to him this was class structure. His his opinion was that white men should rule and other races were viewed as nothing.

This movie somewhat deals with what Adolf Hitler had done or believed for. In the movie the organization called D.O.C. which stands for (Disciples of God) views Hitler as a god. They portrait Hitler as if he was the ruler of the world and that they saw the white people as a supremacy even though they didn’t believe in the KKK. To them the KKK was an “disorganizaned group of redneck’s that were racists”( Kaye, “American History X”). Class structure to these people were seen as color. White people to them should have a say so in politics. People of color did not seem important to them and were viewed inferior. They would often call the mexican race “spics” and the black race “niggers”. They had no respect toward other races. To one of them Rodney King provoked everything. He viewed Rodney King as a liar and a person who exaggerated things to look like the victim and the cops as the aggressors therefore people viewed Rodney as a hero. Which to him Rodney King was the one starting a fight against the cops and then someone starts video taping the scene when the cops start beating on him.


The main character of the movie “Derek Vinyard” because of him hating blacks he got sent to jail years for killing a man The other men were trying to steal his former dad’s truck

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while they were sleeping they heard some noise outside. Since it was a self defense act and invasion of property he only got years. But still for killing a man he got punished. While he was doing time he learn some hard valuable lessons. In jail everybody helps everybody out. They excluded race. Because of a black male he had met he came out alive. He came out a changed man from what he experienced in jail. His views before he went in jail were full of racism. When he’s in jail he sees that everything he believed for is a fake. The other skinheads who are in jail do also have that swastika and everything but they don’t really care about it. They’re all in jail making allies with other races and making deals with them. He can’t stand it no more so he heads of alone. He leaves his group he hanged around in jail and is all alone. That’s when he starts talking to this guy who’s a leader on the black group and tells them to leave him alone. In those years he was in there he never got touched. He was a ghost. years had passed and he came out of that phase of being in a group. He was afraid his little brother would be falling into his steps. Which he was. He started doing everything different. Getting a job so that they can relocate and teaching his brother why he should stop hanging around with the skinheads. Well finally he gets through to his brother and when his brother goes to school they shoot him in the back prior to and encounter he had weeks ago with a black male.

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