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Anything for Love

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In “A Rose for Miss Emily”, William Faulkner uses a setting from which he is both familiar and knowledgeable. For he grow-up in the south, some would say that he is a die-hard southern. “A Rose for Miss Emily” is set in a town that resembles the town in which he grow-up in as child and men in her life.

Perhaps the passing of Miss Emily’s father is the best thing that could happen to Miss Emily. After all she is 0 and not married, in the era in which the story is set most young ladies married well before they are 0 years old. While her father was alive he turned away any suitor that would call on Miss Emily. Now she has the chance to meet and marry someone this would be a difficult task at her age. But she is like a loaded pistol waiting to go off it not handle with gentle caring hands.

The character Homer Barron, could have been chosen as a suitor for many reasons one that comes to minds is he is the exact opposite of Miss Emily. He is “a Yankee, big, ready man with a big voice and eyes lighter than his face” (page 1). Homer was a northern and day laborer, not one that a young lady of the South would even, consider especially Miss Emily Grierson. Miss Emily is described as a slender figure; one would envision a petite and quite young lady a true Southern bell.

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Emily’s relationship with Homer affects the way the town sees her. “As soon as the old people said ‘‘’Poor Emily”’ the whispers began. ‘”Do you suppose it’s really so?” (Page 1) risking your family name for the sake of love and companionship. Miss Emily’s character makes a change she begins to appear very confident and boastful, wanting the respect of those around her. Many of the ladies and elders think that she is a disgrace to the town and not a very good role model for the young people. It is not appropriate for a young lady and a man to just parade around town as she and Homer are seen doing most Sunday afternoons.

As with her relationship with her father her relationship with Homer was all doomed. Miss Emily apparently feels that she has no choice but kill Homer. When she goes to the drug store to get the arsenic, she shows no concerns for other s will think. She buys the arsenic, and the rumors are flying all around the small town. ‘”She will kill herself’’(page ), and some actually thought it would be the best thing, after all she is a disgrace to herself and her family name at this point. But then she goes out and buys a toilet set and two suits for a man, could it be they are getting married?

As a result of the failure of her relationship with Homer for the next forty years very few people could say that they had seen Miss Emily on the streets this small town. And no one had seen Homer Barron, but it is believed that he went

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to where he came from back east. “And so she died. Fell ill in the house filled with dust and shadows, with only a doddering Negro man to wait on her”. (Page ) In the part of the story one would become sad and weep over the death of Miss Emily. Although she was a strange lady and we believe that committee murder earlier in the story. Imagine an old lady alone all her life and no one to care for her but a servant.

Miss Emily only wants what most young ladies her age want out of life a husband and family. Not grow old alone and die alone. Her father shattered that dream before he passes, not allowing suitors to call on Miss Emily. When Homer Barron took an interest or pity on Miss Emily it was a dream come true. Someone to love her or at least in her mind she thought someone to love her, but she could let him go; he is the only one who ever showed her any kind of attention.

As discovered in the end Miss Emily is not alone that she had done the unthinkable all for the sake of love. She did murder Homer Barron only to have his body in a bed that she she sleeps. She did not go through life alone nor did she die alone, for she had Homer Barron by her side.

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