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PrintMaster 8.0



Minimum System Requirements

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Program Notes


Windows NT(r) Troubleshooting

Technical Support and Customer Service


PrintMaster 8.0

Minimum System Requirements

Windows(r) 5/8 or Windows NT(r) 4.0 (Service Pack )

Pentium 0 MHz or faster


Hard Disk with minimum 60-10MB of free space (Depending on version)

SVGA video card supporting 800 x 600, 56 colors or greater

X CD-ROM drive (4X recommended)

Windows compatible mouse

Windows compatible printer


Sound card and speakers

For Internet Access

14,400 baud or faster modem

Additional 8MB free hard disk space for Internet Software Installation

Program Notes


Note PrintMaster users can now print out a Users Guide from the Help files.

Heres how to do it

(1) Launch PrintMaster 8.0. and click cancel at the Hub.

() Choose Show Help Window from the Help menu.

() Click on the Show button at the top of the Help window, then on the Index tab.

(4) Either scroll down the topics or type in the keyword Users Guide. You can also find the Users Guide in the Table of Contents, under Before You Start.

If you are a new user, you might find it helpful to print out this Users Guide and keep it nearby for easy reference.


Note Not all features and content are available in all versions of PrintMaster 8.0

Platinum, Premier and Gold users have access to the following features d Animated Greetings (w/ users Internet Access), Photo Organizer, Cartoon-A-Matic, Event Reminder, Address Book/Mail Merge, Border Plus, Serif Draw, Sentiments, Photo Workshop, Headlines, Seals & Timepieces, Automatic Event Mailing, .GIF file support, Web Art Gallery, Previewing animated .GIFs, Web Page Projects, Web Publishing and Web Menu Features, Online Art Gallery (w/ users Internet Access).

Deluxe users have access to the following features Cartoon-A-Matic, Event Reminder, Address Book/Mail Merge, Border Plus, Serif Draw, Sentiments, Photo Workshop, Headlines, Seals & Timepieces, Automatic Event Mailing, .GIF file support, Web Art Gallery, Previewing animated .GIFs, Web Page Projects, Web Publishing and Web Menu Features, Online Art Gallery (w/ users Internet Access).

Silver users have access to the following features Cartoon-A-Matic, Event Reminder, Address Book/Mail Merge, Border Plus, Serif Draw, Sentiments, Photo Workshop, Online Art Gallery (w/ users Internet Access)

Classic users have access to the following features The Year You Were Born, Online Art Gallery (w/ users Internet Access)


Note If you encounter an error load sound chunk message when attempting to view D Greetings, please be aware that this seems to be specific to the driver for the Yamaha OPL-SAx or the OPL-SAx sound card on Windows 5 systems.

You see this error message because the Yamaha OPL-SAx sound system driver does not work with DirectX 5, which is required for these animations. Yamaha does not provide a driver for the OPL-SAx or the Yamaha OPL-SAx that is DirectX-compatible.

This error does not occur on Windows 8 systems or on Windows 5 systems using other sound cards, including the Yamaha OPL-SA. The Yamaha OPL-SAx WDM driver works with DirectX 5 and Windows 8.

Note For information regarding Microsoft DirectX, and hardware compatibility, go to your computer manufacturers website or visit the Microsoft site for more information. It is advised to always update your video card and sound card drivers before installation of PrintMaster, and this can be achieved in part by updating to the current version of DirectX.

Note If you are interested in creating projects using animated .gifs, please be aware that animated .gifs will lose their animation if rotated, mirrored or placed on other objects. Animated .gifs can only be used in single panel projects and will lose their animation in multi-paneled cards such as half-fold, quarter-fold and note cards.

Note When using The Year You Were Born, to enter a birth date after 000, you must enter four digits for the year. For instance, enter the year 00 as 00 and not 0.

Note Users will not be able to register this program after the year 07. We suggest upgrading before that date.

Note During the uninstall of PrintMaster, PrintMaster may asked if you wish to remove a shared file that is no longer in use. This reporting may be incorrect from the registry of the operating system. Even though the PrintMaster uninstall may state that a shared system file is no longer needed, it is strongly advised to keep the system file instead of removing it.

Note If you experience any printing performance issues on your operating system, please consult your operating systemss user manual on tips to increase paging/swap file sizes and setup.



We have outlined some helpful troubleshooting tips for the most common problems associated with PrintMaster below

1. Issue Slow performance of standard operations

Solution Verify your computer meets or exceeds minimum system requirements. If necessary, increase RAM, CD-ROM speed or hard disk space to enhance performance.

Example While using program, computer and monitor subject to freezes and lock-ups

. Issue Unable to receive order when ordering online from The Art & More Store

Try one of the following solutions A) Make sure your modem is properly connected and turned on;

B) Make sure youre connected using a modem and not a T1 line; C) Order via phone, fax or mail instead of by modem

Example From within the Art & More Store, youve selected the packs you wish to purchase by checking the box next to the individual packs, and youve chosen the appropriate choice in the Applicable Tax and Country you are ordering from fields. When you press the Modem... button,

the following message eventually appears The call to send your order could not be completed

Note The ordering function does not work properly over a T1 line. If you connect to the Internet via a T1 line, order your PrintMaster Packs by phone, fax or mail.

. Issue Printing projects takes an extremely long time

Try one of the following solutions A) Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run PrintMaster; B) If necessary, upgrade RAM and hard-disk space to bolster speed and performance.

Example Printing a template takes 1-15 minutes

Note Slow Printing performance is normal on machines meeting only the minimum system requirements

4. Issue Unable to launch PrintMaster by double-clicking on a previously saved certificate project within Windows Explorer

Solution Open saved certificate projects located in your MindscapeAGCraftUser000Projects folder by first launching PrintMaster (either from the Start Menu, or by double-clicking a desktop shortcut, or the application file found in the Program FilesMindscapeAGCraft folder). Navigate to the project gallery (either by clicking Ready Made from the Hub screen or by selecting File, Open from the workspace screen). Once in the Project Gallery, select Open from the File menu, navigate to the directory where your certificate is located, select the certificate file and open.

Example Launch PrintMaster and open a certificate project.

Do a File, Save As and save the certificate.

Close PrintMaster

Then, in Windows Explorer, go to Program FilesBroderbundPrintMasterUser000Projects. Double click on a certificate project and youll get the error message noted below.

Note Creating and saving a certificate project saves it as project type Internet Security Certificate. While double-clicking on any other project type launches the program if it is not open already, trying to do so with a certificate project results in the error message The selected file does not contain a valid certificate or the certificate is not a root authority. This is a Windows issue, and not something that can be fixed within PrintMaster. Therefore, all certificate projects need to be opened from within the PrintMaster program.

5. Issue Uninstalling PrintMaster from your computer causes you to lose previously ordered add on packs youve purchased.

Solution Call The Learning Company Customer Service at the number listed below and a representative will give you a new access code which you can use to re-open your previously purchased collections. You will need to re-install the program first.

6. Issue Cannot browse images in large view in the Online collection of the Project or Art Galleries. Since the Art & More Store is a collection of projects available for purchase, you cannot view them in large view until youve unlocked with a special unlock code provided to you once youve purchased them. If you try to switch to large view while in this collection, youll be prompted to go to the order form.

Solution Browse the Online Collection in small and medium view only. When you come across a set or sets youd like to have, double click on one, or switch to large view to trigger the Online Order Form dialog box. Purchase the sets youd like, then once theyre unlocked, browse in large view if you prefer.

7. Issue Either the front and/or inside text of some sentiments selected from the Sentiment Gallery dont fit within the default text box on quarter fold card projects.

Try one of the following solutions After youve selected your sentiment and are returned to the workspace screen, 1) Select the text box by clicking on it, and drag the handles out to stretch it so that all the text can be seen; ) Click inside the text box, then choose Edit, Select All to select all the text, and decrease the font size, making the text smaller so that it all fits within the box; ) For particularly long sentiments, try a combination of steps one and two.

Note This issue with sentiments not fitting is confined to quarter fold card project types. Default text box sizes on other project types should accommodate all the sentiments.


Windows NT(r) Troubleshooting

1. Issue Projects print slowly running Windows NT.

Solution In the Print dialog in PrintMaster, select Advanced. In the Advanced Settings dialog, place a check mark in the box marked Print as Bitmap. This will convert the project to a bitmap before sending the file to the printer. This will speed up printing and should not degrade the quality of the printed image.

Solution In the Print dialog in PrintMaster, reduce the print quality setting. This will also speed up the printing process.

. Issue Long delay when attempting to print projects in Windows NT. There is no error message seen and the printer eventually times out and the spooler becomes empty. The program continues running.

Solution PrintMaster 8.0 requires more memory than previous versions of the product and thus may require a larger NT system paging file than 4 MB Initial and MB Maximum on a system with MB of RAM. This can be fixed by increasing the size of the NT virtual memory file. We recommend a paging file size of 10 MB Initial and 00 MB Maximum. To do this Open System in the Control Panel. Click on the Performance tab, and click Change... in the Virtual Memory group.


Technical Support and Customer Service

If you continue to experience problems with PrintMaster, please contact Mindscape Technical Support.

Where to go for help

Check our Web site, http//, for answers to frequently asked questions and other technical support information. Go to the support section to get FAQs, downloads, patches, and so on.

E-mail us at

Mail correspondence to

The Learning Company

1700 Progress Drive

PO Box 100

Hiawatha, IA 5-0100 USA

Attn PrintMaster

When corresponding by mail please included the following

First and last name

Phone number where we can reach you, fax number, and e-mail address.

Name of the product, version, and format (CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM).

Contact us by fax at (1) 5-600, 4 hours.

Call (800) 40- 147 for automated technical support. This service allows customers to find commonly asked question to products and their answers free of charge.

Call (1)47- between 00 AM and 00 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), to speak to a technical support agent. Please be at your computer when you call.

Customer Service Center

Customer Service staff is available Monday through Friday, 800 AM to 800 PM EST. You can reach us by

Calling at 617-761-000

Faxing at 617-44-588

E-mailing at

Web site

Writing to

Mindscape Customer Service

One Athenaeum St.

Cambridge, MA 014

We hope you enjoy using PrintMaster!

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