Thursday, June 23, 2011

Computer Chips

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Thanks to the many applications and appliances that have come from the computer chip Americans have become less dependent on themselves and more dependent on automation. This, in turn, has produced a lazier generation with an inferior work ethic. Creating increased reliance on a piece of silicon rather than using their own brain. The simple but powerful computer chip has shortened the existence of man.

Many humans could not live without the computer chip. People have become so dependent on computer chips to control fax machines to send work, take in and process information on computers, and doctors who use all types of machines that are controlled by computer chips to diagnose symptoms. Although there are promising applications for computer chips, they have taken the jobs of many Americans. In the past many assembly lines were done manually with people putting the pieces together. Now many assembly lines are computer controlled by a computer chip. It also use to be that people did simple things for them selves, such as water the garden or mow the lawn. Now when requested by parents to their teenager the teenager is more apt to find a effortless and automated way to get the chore done. In this situation the teenager might suggest the easy way out by saying let the automated computer chip controlled water sprinkler take care of it. Or in the case of mowing the lawn the teenager might use a robotic lawn mower which is controlled by a computer chip to cut the grass. While they stay in the house sitting on the couch watching t.v.

It runs cars, it powers computers, and helps Americans through everyday life. The computer chip has become as essential to human existent just as air or water. Today humans use computer chips hundreds of times a day without thinking twice.

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