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In my life, diversity plays a very important role. Ever since I was in third grade, I can remember wanting to be different than everyone else in my class, and I still feel to this day it is important to be “me”. My definition of DIVERSITY is the variety of having different characteristics to a single human being. It may sound a little wordy so I am going to break it down. What I am implying is that people come from different places in the world which allows them to become accustom to their own cultures. This usually allows each individual to be different. They could look different, dress different, eat different food, talk different, listen to different kinds of music, etc, etc, etc. Personally, I enjoy living on a “diverse campus” because it allows me to learn about other people’s lifestyles and cultures.

The reading that I chose to write about was Miss America Contest Proves Diverse. The article addressed that The Miss America Pageant will be held next weekend, and was talking about how diverse the competition was going to be this year. Miss Alaska is an Inupiaq Eskimo, Miss South Dakota is a Lakota Sioux and Miss Delaware is of Indian decent. The pageant will also include six African Americans, and the show will be emceed by an African American for the first time in the pageant’s history. They stated that “This multiculturalism is a recent development for an event that for more than thirty years excluded minorities of any kind”, which proves to be true with the fact supporting that in 150, rule number seven in the contestant contracted stated that the contestants who were going to be involved with the pageant had to be in good health and be white. The article goes on to explain that when the pageant first started, city firefighters were to chauffeur contestants around town. The African American firemen/women were not allowed to do this procedure simply because they were not of the white race. In 158, the trend broke and African Americans were allowed to participate in the pageant and chauffeur the contestants around. In 170, Cheryl Browne of Iowa was the first African American to be crowned Miss America.

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