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Drug Abuse

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The word drug is defined as any substance, other than food, that can affect the body and or mind in any way. Drugs are used in every culture in the world. There are hundreds of types of drugs, each of which affect the bodies’ nervous system in its own way, whether good or bad. Some drugs are developed for medical uses and are approved by the federal government before they are available to the public. The drugs are legal if taken by the one that they are prescribed to. Some drugs are made up of various chemicals which have altered affects on the body. These drugs include the ever so popular names such as Cocaine, Crack, PSP, Ice, and LSD. These drugs illegally produced usually under poor circumstances and of cheep and dangerous household cleaning products. Not all drugs are illegal. These drugs include tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and several other everyday items. All drugs can be abused.

According to Rosen, the author of Everything You Need to Know about Drug Abuse, the number one drug of choice in the United States is Alcohol. Alcohol is the most abused drug in the United States. Although illegal to drink if under the age of twenty-one, one out of every five teens has a drinking problem. This means that about million teens have trouble with alcohol. There are many types of drinks which have alcohol in them. They are divided into beer, wine, and liquor. Although they are divided into categories they still have the same potent ingredient in them, Ethel Alcohol. Ethel Alcohol when put into the body causes the brain to send mixed messages to the body. These mixed messages could make you angry or happy. These messages also could slur your speech, or make you stager when you walk. Alcohol not only effect the visible aspects of the body it also effect parts of the body that are unseen. It makes the blood vessels expand causing more blood to flow through the veins. This causes the body to loose heat and may cause one to freeze to death. The liver is also greatly affected by alcohol. The liver is an organ that is responsible for filtering the alcohol out of the blood and riding the body of it. The alcohol makes the liver work harder than normal this causes the liver cells to turn fatty and harden. Drinking for a long time can cause cirrhosis of the liver and could kill.

Tobacco is another American drug of choice. Tobacco is very addictive. Tobacco contains several agents that are dangerous. Nicotine is the most dangerous of them all. Nicotine has the ability to enter the blood stream faster than heroin. It affects the brain and central nervous system. Nicotine is a stimulant and a depressant. It stimulates the nerves in the spinal cord slowing reactors; it also affects the heart and lungs. The use of tobacco products over a period of time can cause physiological dependence this making it very difficult to stop using the product. The cost of tobacco is much more than just the price of a pack of “smokes.” It is estimated that the cost of tobacco products cost the economy 1. million dollars in indirect cost. This is according to Dr. Dorothy Rice of the University of California.

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