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File systems and software

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1) The users of computers will benefit because they will be familiar with the operating system.

) The manufacturers of computers will benefit because the operating system will be able to cope with all hardware

) Developers of software will benefit because they will only need to produce one copy for the operating system and not one for Mac and an other for windows.

B) Virus checker � checks the disk and memory for viruses and deletes them when if they are detected

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File management � repairs corrupted files, Defragments files to improve efficiency, compresses files to reduce the space they use.

Security � Checks passwords and user ids, logs logon date and session lengthy

C) Resource allocation and scheduling

Multiprogramming � allocation of processing time, memory and input � output resources to each one.

Interrupt handling � detects many interrupt such as pressing of a key, printer sending out of paper message or paper jam, real time clock interrupting to indicate processor allocation to move to next task

Allowing a user to communicate with the computer � instructions given by the user to start a program, or to copy a file, send a message to another user etc. by typing commands or using a mouse to point and click in a GUI (windows 5 etc)

4. Command � user types commands in an exact syntax to perform and operation. Complex commands to customise the OS to the user, experienced users may be able to perform faster using DOS opposed to mouse and menu

WIMP (windows, icons, mouse and pull down) more user friendly,

5. File type, file size, date created

6. Memory management, Back store management, Interrupt handling

7. To increase the number of applications that can be run. To decrease lag times.

Application software � perform specific tasks such as order entry, payroll. May be produced for a particular company using a programming language. May be off the shelf?

Systems Software � Off the shelf, run of the mill, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, sold as package, CD with manual.

. Integrated package (Microsoft works) fewer less sophisticated features than found in individually purchased products.

b) Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation, communication

c) All work together i.e. create a mail merge from data base and add to a letter in the word processor

Cheaper when bought as one unit

Similar interface/ familiar with all of the products

Learning easier as shortcut keys the same throughout e.g. F7 spell check

. The software they need (database, spreadsheet, presentation)

The features they need (sophisticated)

The principle use of the software


What you see is what is printed

Different viewing modes

Allows the user to change the layout so that it all prints

. Insert the form fields required from the database into the standard letter

Click print and a letter is printed for each record in the database

. Currency, Date

4. Allows the analysis of data

Can create charts from the data entered and predict trends

5. Macro automates common procedures

b) Record the macro in small sections ensuring it is running

Run the macro

Step into the macro

6a) DTP � poster creator, business card creator, newsletter creator

Clipart � graphics,

Integrated Software � spreadsheets, communication, databases

b) The user will not be able to reinstall the software

A back up disk of the software could be created or a copy of the software obtained

7a) The presentation doesn’t require a lot of OHP slides, it doesn’t require an OHP, it looks professional, the company looks better, the individuals don’t need to make it

7b) the company image, the audience, the font size, the title screen, logo, consistent template

1. Text only is provided so that the document can be opened using any word processor not that particular title. The same fonts may not be available on a different computer either.

Compatibility with existing hardware

Compatibility with existing software

Quality of documentation/user manual

Ease of learning

Ease of use

Technical support

Upgrade policy



b) Documents or applications produced by upgraded software may not be compatible with a lower version.

The new version will contain features that don’t exist in other versions formatting may be lost in transfer

More memory, more disk space and faster processor require for new version.

. Portability means that a document produced on one computer can be opened using different software on an other. Import of data from another application or computer.

Portability is important because it allows the transfer of data between systems and applications.

The IT industry can encourage portability by increasing portability between its software and its hardware.

Software portability

Batch � delayed until convenient time,

Interactive � entered and processed straight away changes while customer waits, allows queries straight away

Bath processing in this example. The register is taken in the morning and then later in the day fed into the computer to produce statistics.

The batch processing would need to take place daily so that any unauthorised absences could be traced and in the event of fire etc. records be on hand

Using eye detection of finger prints, this would ensure that the actual pupil was there instead of using cards which could be stolen or given to make it look like they were there.

Advantage the teacher checks the pupil is there

There is no real sure way, without expense in making sure the student is there

B) Processed when all forms are returned, Reduces time and can be set away at night

Transaction ensure that stock is allocated on a first come first served, more efficient as the customers order is dealt with faster

Issue account number

Control totals

Hash totals

A batch system on hand to take over in event of failure

Good back ups

Input after store is closed and this speeds up service

Allows details to be retrieved from the stock file and updates them in batch mode

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