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macbeth essay questions

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1. During the first act, the impression of Macbeth is that he is the “bravest” soldier, and the honorable Thane of Glamis. We are told that his rank and nobility are of great value, and he seems to be fit for his status. Unfortunately when he appears, this perception is altered. Macbeth seems to have a greedy impatient ambition. The original impression of Macbeth is that he is loyal and worthy of being honored by the king. It is almost ironic, because he ends up being a traitor, and murders the Duncan himself. Macbeth’s character has been altered after his encounter with the Three Weird Sisters. It seems as though once their (witches) first prophesy (Macbeth being Thane of Cawdor) comes true, dark horrid images of murdering Duncan begin to cloud his mind. Even though Macbeth tries to remain loyal to the King, his greed and desire for power lead him to murder the King.

. The first act of the play ties Macbeth and Banquo together through battle. Both are serving under King Duncan. They stand together against an attack by the Norwegian king, and win another victory. Macbeth and Banquo also have alike situations because of their encounter with the Three Weird Sisters. Since both Macbeth and Banquo have this connection with the Three Weird Sisters, they question there morals and common knowledge about things, which causes them (mainly Macbeth) to do things which originally seemed out of his character. However, Macbeth tends to believe everything the witch’s prophesize. Banquo on the other hand does not become so obsessed with the witches have to say, and he tries to warn Macbeth that “evil only speaks half truths to stir up trouble”. Macbeth tells himself that he will not take evil action against the king, unless fate has it to be. Banquo knows that evil never speaks truth, and lets his common sense overpower the witches prophesies, and remains loyal to Duncan.

. Lady Macbeth reveals her husband’s character when she speaks of how he will deal with the murder. When Lady Macbeth scolds her husband, often times one thinks that she is just being mean, but she actually reveals certain flaws in Macbeth’s character which cause his downfall in the end of this tragedy. Lady Macbeth consistently points out that Macbeth lacks the ambition to actually obtain what he desires. She tells Macbeth that he needs to be like a serpent with a flowering face. By this she means that he needs to be deceitful and like herself, morally courageous and daring. Lady Macbeth is an image of how Macbeth becomes after he murders Banquo and continues to use injustice to keep his crown and place in Scotland. Macbeth eventually lets go of all his morals which had originally kept him from murdering Duncan, and turns into an unmoral, ruthless King. He seems to develop an ambition for wanting to stay King; he has no other way to stay in power except to kill those who oppose a threat to him.

4. In the first act of the tragedy, Macbeth seems to be a glorified hero who is loyal to his king. Unfortunately, his good deeds and morals are attacked by the witches. In his moment of glory the witches deceive him, by telling him that he can be more powerful than what he is now, but he would need to carry out the deeds necessary to get him to that point (by this they mean killing Duncan). This is when the darkness of Macbeth’s character is brought to the reader’s attention. Instead of listening to his conscience, Macbeth lets his mind put out of the way any worries of consequences which would put him in danger, and acts on false prophesies which the witches and Lady Macbeth have persuaded him to listen too. Duncan on the other hand seems to bring a pure and noble mood into the tragedy. He trusts men, and is very gracious to those who are loyal to him. He is a fair King who rules with justice. When he is murdered, Scotland seems to plummet into darkness and sadness. The light dies (Duncan) and the darkness takes over (Macbeth).

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