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It’s hard to define “manners” without making yourself sound like a collegiate dictionary, but to me, manners are basically the acceptable rules of conduct that are expected of you in a particular society. The concept of manners in America is probably slightly different from that in other countries with customs all their own, but there are some underlying values in proper etiquette that make us all similar. After all, good manners apply to so many common aspects of life, so it is probable that most people in the world follow similar customs in social conduct.

In my family, manners are expected to be performed to the utmost ability in many areas such as proper dinner table etiquette, in which I am prohibited from such actions as putting my feet up on the table, belching, talking with my mouth full, and leaving the table unexcused. Another example of manners that is demonstrated in my family is to exhibit respectable dialogue between parents and siblings, which basically means not to talk back but to honor your parents, and to keep my brothers and I in a peaceful state at all times possible. Also included in household manners are obeying orders without question, and completing chores thoroughly. Family life would be chaotic and unstable without these guidelines to keep our lives and behavior in order. Accompanied with parental discipline and guidance, manners essentially keep me in check.

In school, sights of negative behavior among students are such a common occurrence that I accept them as part of the natural flow of the school day. For example, seeing upperclassmen unfairly harass freshmen is a regular observation, from watching a student dump water on a freshman’s head to looking on in awe as younger students are simply insulted as they pass through the halls. For some these events are rites of passage, but to me, they just seem like unwholesome discrimination, not to mention an unacceptable lack of considerate manners. However, there are also enough sights of people exhibiting positive behavior to balance out the negative, such as students working together to paint an impressive scene from “Alice in Wonderland” on a first floor wall. Also, seeing friends conversing and having fun amidst their educational responsibilities is a welcome sight. All the school needs is for those who treat others unfairly to recognize the harm they are causing, and Cathedral would be a brighter place for it.

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