Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Wonderland

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Matt Davis

Alice Wonderland Essay

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Alice in Wonderland Essay

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Way far out, away from the rest of the world, there lies a place called Mystery Alaska. It’s a small place only about two-three miles. In my wonderland there is a church, a grocery store, and a small police station. The town is settled between the peaks of the Alaskan White Mountains. There is beautiful scenery. The real advantage of this town is that it snows all year around and its cold enough to freeze all year around. The ice is thick enough for you to skate on. This is what are town takes pride in are love for the game of hockey. The basic benefit that we offer is that this is a chance for you to come and live a quiet life and perfect the skills of hockey. I mean that’s only if you like hockey. There is a an equal number of males and females everybody has their own rights.

The basic day in Mystery Alaska involves practice early in the morning for whoever is on the town team. Most people work for the town. I myself am the Mayor Matthew Davis also known as Captain Mo on the hockey team. To explain the Government it is a ruling party of three. Me the Mayor, and my two advisors Michael Cutler and John Leroy also members of the town hockey team. If a problem arises we will call a town meeting and we as a group decide what to do. All the males for work help plow the town and shovel the rink there is almost a guaranteed snow shower a day. Everything else is taken care of its perfect, it’s a wonderland. Children attend school during the day then do whatever they feel necessary as long as its safe and legal. My advisors and I patrol the streets at midnight, , and 6 every night. Suspicious activity gets dealt with on the spot. There is no set religion practice whatever you feel. Whenever you feel like its time to experience something new and different and want to professional skills on all hockey aspects then come to MYSTERY ALASKA

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