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Atlantic charter

In august 141, President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the USA and Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain met for the first time at Placentia Bay off the coast of Newfound land Canada.

There the two set up a list of principles to be used against Nazi Germany. President Roosevelt didn’t want to publicly announce to joining the war because he didn’t believe the American public would support him but did agree to join a common understanding of post war visions. This was named the Atlantic Charter.

There were eight points that they came up with. “Explain”

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Look at points and 4 these are the most important, they state that the two leaders of the English-speaking world would help with the restoration of sovereign rights and self government to those nations that had been deprived of them.

Planing to win the war

Despite the bombing of pear harbour latter in 41 which led the U.S.A into the war.

President Roosevelt never swung from the Germans who were the first priority that they needed defeat to win the war.

He and Churchill believed that once the Germans were defeated then the Japanese would soon fall after.

Britain and America were both worried that if the allies were to win the war Soviet Russia would dominate Eastern Europe.

But they also had to depend on the Russians to defend the immensity of the German army by land. This created the image of Churchill sitting back as Hitler Bombarded the soviet nation to the ground and the Russian public were not happy with this.

There were concerns from both sides that one of the two might sign a separate peace treaty with Hitler.

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