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west nile

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This thrilling book had two main plot lines. They were separated by part one and part two. The first part was a mystery and it had a lot of suspense, and the second part was mainly based on a court trial.

In the first half Harper Lee tries to keep us in suspense. She first explained where it took place, and who the characters were. “Maycomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when I first knew it. In rainy weather the streets turned to red slop; grass grew on the sidewalks and the courthouse sagged in the square.” (Lee 5) “Set during the depression, the story is recalled from the distance of maturity by Jean Louise (“Scout”) Finch, whose widowed father, Atticus, was a civilized tolerant lawyer in a backward Alabama town and a brother Jem.” (Lemay 1) Jem and Scout try many different things to get Boo Radley to come out of his house, because no one has ever seen him before. Dill, one of their friends, views Boo as a turtle. He says you have to stick a lighted match under a turtles belly and he will come out. In the same way they needed to find ways to get Boo to come out. “First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” (Lee 0)

Harper Lee tries to combine two themes of southern fiction. The recollection of child hood, which describes the children, and how they play their games and get into trouble. That is what child hood is about. “And they watch with dismay and pain as the adult world betrays them.” (Lemay ) The other part she tries to combine with it is how civilized white southerners treat Negroes.

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The second part is more interesting because it talks more about the case trial and the racism that is going on at the time. Racism is when people judge other cultures. Like blacks, Mexicans, and other religions. They do not like the way they look. In this story most of the people are racist against the black man. Many people are racist and they do not even realize it. Harper Lee states in the story, “We’re so rarely called upon to be Christians, but when we are, we’ve got men like Atticus to go for us” (Lee 15) We all should have an attitude like Atticus.

These two parts of the book, do not really fit together well because the one part is about child hood and the other is about adult hood. That is what makes it interesting to some people. It is not like all the other books. This book did not flow together. It had its own characteristics. This one has its own fashion.

In the second half of the novel Atticus decides to defend an African American by the name of Tom Robinson. Tom was accused of raping a young white girl. “I shall be brief, but I would like to use my remaining time with you to remind you that this case is not a difficult one, … To begin with, this case should never have come to trial. This case is as simple as black and white” (Lee 0) She is trying to tell us that the court case shouldn’t be judged upon knowing that Tom is a black man. They should treat him just the same as every other man. The jury went out and made their decisions. “When they arrived I shut my eyes. Judge Taylor was polling the jury Guilty…guilty…guilty…guilty …” (Lee 11) So Tom Robinson was charged guilty. Tom Robinson may have died, but Atticus sure did not give up or fail in any other way. He had faith in Tom. The case was through and things had started to go back to normal, until the night of the school play, when Bob Ewell attacked Jem and Scout. “This was not good enough for Jem. “No sir, they oughta do away with juries. He wasn’t guilty in the first place and they said he was.” (Lee 0) Heck Tate was the sheriff who was called when this attack happened. “I’m not a very good man, sir, but I am sheriff of Maycomb County…There’s a black boy dead for no reason, and the man responsible for it’s dead. Let the dead bury the dead this time, Mr. Finch. Let the dead bury the dead.” (Lee 75-76)

Part two shows true adolescence by all the characters. Atticus was a great example not only the children but to the whole town. “ To my way of thinkin’, Mr. Finch, taking the one man who’s done you and this town a great service an’ draggin’ him with his shy ways into limelight- to me, that’s a sin.” (Lee 76)

Harper Lee makes this story very unique and interesting. There is not a dull moment in the book. It is a thriller. In the Critical View chosen, there was an agreement with the author, because the book was poorly combined together. Racism was a good thing to add to this book. Many people do not realize they are hurting other people when they do not involve them in other activities just because they are a different race. Racism has a powerful meaning.

“The two worlds remain solitary in spite of Miss Lee’s grace of writing and honorable decency of intent.” (Lemay ) As for myself, reading is not a hobby worth looking forward to, but this book was enjoyable to read. The suspense kept it going, and it was worth reading. Finding myself agreeing with this author about the book was spontaneous. Everything he said was the same thing my own words came up with. This was an excellent view point to agree with.

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