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what symbolizes me a college essay

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What symbolizes me?

Many people use symbolic items, to reflect their personalities.

These symbols are representations of who they are, and what others judge them

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as. For instance when the city of Atlanta was burned years back, the people used

the Thrasher to describe how the fire made them react to the cause. The

Thrasher is an excellent symbolic creature to represent Atlanta because, it

shows how they have risen from the ashes, and soured higher than ever before.

The symbol I chose to represent who I am is a cheetah. A cheetah is a rapid,

devoted, and honorable creature.

Cheetahs are known for their speed and endurance. I chose this

to symbolize myself because, when it comes to my education Im a quick learner.

I say this because, whenever I am given an unfamilier assignment, it does not

take long for me to get a good understandance of it. Its easier to comprehend

the information faster because, I use my thought processing skills to activate my

mind and figure the problem out. For instance in Foreign Language its very

destressing to me, trying to translate French into English, and making it

meaningful to me. So I examine the phrase completely, and I ask myself What

are the key words? Looking for those key words helps me to improve my Foreign

Language skills. My thought processing skills is the essential part to my


Cheetahs are also known for being a devoted creature. Whenever

they go out for the hunt they continue this until, they seek what they are after.

This describes me perfectly because when it comes to getting the job done, I am

desirable and determined to complete the tasks. For instance when I received an

extra credit assignment in my biology class, that was intended for me to interview

a person in the medical field, I took the iniative to complete the project. I actually

took it upon myself to visit Saint Josephs hospital and interviewed a surgeon.

The interview I discovered was rather insightful and made me realize that I

needed to make a decision on my career goals today. When I turned in my

interview, the Biology teacher was appreciative of the assingment , and asked

me to present it to the class. I was eager to tell them what I had learned from

interviewing that person.

The cheetah is a very respected animal in Africa. They use the

cheetah in African Folktales to tell the story of their history. This symbolizes me

because I choose to be a respectable person towards others. For instance I am a

honorable role model for my younger sibling Khristina Johnson. Putting on this

role means I have to be presentable to those who look up to me as a figure of

power. Going into more dept about this topic, I have to watch the way I react in

public because somoene is analyzing my every move. I dont want that person

to take on an negative impression of me, and copy that reaction. I want to be

considered a positive role model, because being a older child I never had a role


In conclusion I chose the cheetah to symbolize my personality,

because it is determined, honorable, and very quick at what it does. I feel that

it represent me well because Im determined to do my work, honarable towards

my peers, and very quick at what I do. The cheetah is an excellent symbol for me.

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