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The Night the President Disappeared

It was a cold winter night, one day before Christmas Eve in Washington D.C. at the White House. The president, Henry III, his daughter Mary Ann, and his wife Susan Jones were all bundled around the fireplace. Mary Ann is a sweet, caring young lady. His wife Susan is a loving mother, understanding wife, and a caring person. Henry III is a good considerate father and one who cares for his family and country. On that night President Henry III, received a phone call, that he had to go to a conference, so his assistant Jorge said he would take him, but little did he know what he was getting into.

Susan helped the maid pack Henry’s bags for the conference. Since Henry had to leave, Henry and his family sat around the Christmas tree since it was Christmas Eve. They opened their gifts together. Mary Ann gave her dad this watch that had their picture in the background. He gave her this locket and he told her no matter what happens we will be together as a family. She felt so lucky to have a father and a mother that loves her. On Christmas Day this black limo drove up to the White House to pick up the president. The driver told him that Jorge is going to meet him at the conference. As Susan and Mary Ann were waving good bye, the phone rang. It was for Mary Ann. The voice did not sound familiar. It said, “If you want your father back you will have to pay $100 million dollars.” Then in the background she could hear her father telling her that he loves her and his wife. Mary Ann was so devastated, she screamed, “Father are you alright?” when she heard a click on the phone and they hung up. So Mary Ann and Susan called the police and their two best detectives, Duke and Buddy, got on the case right away. To be sure that this person was not lying, they called his cell phone and it had been disconnected. They tried to track down where the call was made from, but it was too short of a conversation. Mary Ann and Susan were so upset that they wanted to help find him, but they were told that it would be much safer to stay here. Well the next day when Mary Ann went to school she was invaded by newspaper reporters and it made her feel worse. Even her best friend could not cheer her up. When she got home the phone rang again and she answered it. It was the same voice telling her where the drop off would be. She tried to distract him so they could get where the phone call was coming from. She started asking him stupid questions, not thinking he would actually answer them. Questions like, “What is your name?” Much to her surprise the guy said, “My name is John and my friend’s name is Kyle. All of a sudden she heard a voice in the back say, “You stupid idiot, why don’t you just tell her we are at this warehouse and we are going to put the president in this cellar behind the club on Melrose Street. By then someone hung the phone up. Right away they got in their cars and drove to the warehouse where the call came from. It was a big dark colored building. The search crew did not find anything. So then they drove out to Melrose Street. All you heard were cats playing. Since they were hiding him in the back of a club, Mary Ann and Buddy dressed up like they were a couple going to a club. Much to their surprise it was a very nice club. People were acting all proper. So they told the police to just sit back and wait. Well as they were going farther into the club someone asked them if they are here to buy or sell drugs. So they went back there with this guy and found out that there were a lot more than they expected. There were so many dealings with illegal drugs and much more illegal stuff. They called for the police to come in and bust them. Mary Ann and Buddy kept going farther to the back. Then they found the president safe and sound. All of the illegal drug dealers were sent to jail and the president’s assistant, Jorge, and his two helpers, John and Kyle, were sent to jail for life because of illegal drugs and kidnapping. Mary Ann and Susan were so happy to have Henry back home. When he got home they gave him a big hug and told him how much they missed him. Then they lived happily ever after.

Well I guess you do not know how much you miss someone until they are not there anymore or if they are kidnapped or something much different.

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