Thursday, June 16, 2011

why i want to go to Mexico

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Why I would like to go on the Mexico Mission Trip

By Jennifer Green

I would like to go on the Mexico Mission Trip for several different reasons. The first reason why I would like to go on it is because I think, well I know, that it will be a very good experience for me, and I will be able to get a lot out of it. What I can get out of it is that I can become a lot closer with God, and I can help other people, especially several little children, to learn about Jesus and how great he is, and I can be part of an amazing thing, a great experience. Another reason why I would like to go is because every year when the other students that did go on the trip, come back to town they are always so happy about going, yet they are still very sad about having to leave Mexico and all the people there. They all love going to Mexico and can never wait until the next year comes so that they can go again. Everyone that did go always loves the children and enjoys being with them. I would love to have something like that, something that I would really look forward to going back to in my life. Also, another reason why I want to go this year is because last year when I did not go because I had track, I made a promise to Ana that I would go this year. Now, not only do I not have track this year but I also do not want to break my promise that I made to Ana.

Even though the being dirty throughout the week is pretty gross, and being hot during the day, and freezing at night (as I have heard about several times) does not make me to happy since I hate the cold and the heat, I still think that I would be getting a wonderful experience out of it if I am to go. At first I did not want to go to Mexico, but the more I was told about how much everyone loved it, I thought more and more about going. Finally after I did a lot of thinking, I finally decided that I would really love to go to Mexico, and since I would love to go I decided that I would go.

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Truthfully, I do not have really any other reasons of why I would like to go on the Mexico Missions trip. The only reasons for me wanting to go can really be summarized in about maybe fifteen words. I would just really enjoy going and helping, and teaching the people there in Mexico, and I do not have really anything holding me back and keeping me from going, and lastly I made that promise to Ana that I would go this year and since it is a promise I must and I would really like to keep it.

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