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why im a vegetarian?

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Have you ever taken a bite out of your Big Mac and think what is really in here? well I have ever since I was a young girl. I could not seem to grasp how it was normal to eat another animal. When I was younger, I did not know much about being a vegetarian; honestly, I did not even know it was an option. Until, one day at a family party I overheard my mother speaking to my cousin who mentioned that she only ate white meat (known as a white meat vegetarian). Very curious at my age, I asked her what prompted her to make this choice and decided that I wanted to make a change in my life that I felt would make me a better person. My choice was eliminate meat altogether.

Being a vegetarian has shaped and redefined my life in so many ways. One way that vegetarianism has shaped my life is how it has given me the opportunity to become a very strong willed person. When I made my decision to be a vegetarian, my family was not exactly supportive of the idea. My grandmother being in particular did not like the idea one bit, she thought I was being silly and it was not a healthy choice. One of her concerns was that I would lose all of my energy and strength and would not be able to play in the sports that I excel in, tennis. After two years of being a vegetarian even my Grandmother reluctantly has to admit, I have proved her wrong. This year I am the captain of the Tennis team, playing my strongest game yet and am very proud of this accomplishment. I recently had all my blood work done and all levels across the board are great. I will admit learning to eat a well balanced diet and eliminating all meat was a learning experience and I had to do some research with the support of my Mother to get the right balance of protein from other sources, but I did it.

Being a vegetarian has shaped my life, especially with my family. I feel much closer to them. I feel as if I am contributing something to them in which they would like to know more about and that I have earned their respect by sticking to this goal for two years and doing it successfully. Preparing for our nightly family meal takes a little bit of thought and is a longer process than I or my Mother would like but the results are great. We have settled into a routine where I usually cook my own dinner, bring something in from a restaurant or my mother will prepare a vegetarian dish for all of us. I have found every possible vegetarian restaurant at least within a twenty-mile radius from my house. The all time favorite is Falafel, which is a Middle Eastern Restaurant. I have contributed to the health of my family as through me being a vegetarian my mother has cut down on the meat she serves at dinner and two nights a week removes meat from the meal altogether. In fact, Spaghetti Squash has become an all favorite. It makes me proud to be able to contribute to the health and well-being of my family and teach them about a way of life I very much believe in. Through my experience of being a vegetarian, my self-esteem has become higher. I feel as if I have a better self-awareness on the hierarchy of the so-called food chain. I believe that if the idea of vegetarism was taught throughout the world that we could me a change and help feed starving countries.

Being a vegetarian shaped my life and defined me as a person in many ways. I am more aware of what I put in my mouth and how it affects the mechanical workings of my body. I am strong willed and not easily swayed by other opinions when people do not agree with my choices. But of most significance I am proud of my judgments and capability to live a live as a non meat eater!

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