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A superficial view on city living

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Our people¡¯s material and cultural living stardard have got a large improvement compared with the past , along with the comtinuors growth of our reforming sand opening and modernization construction.Owing to the fact that people¡¯s living standard rise year by year ,as well as the material and cultural demand increase yeat by year,persons set higher and higher demand on the enviroument on which they depend for existence.The reason of putting this problem forward is because that to solve the problem about the living environment is of great urgendy.All of the countries concluding developing and developd must face to this problem.

Pollution has become a serious problem about which we worry. Wherever we turn out we find pollution polluted air, polluted water, and polluted environment, and this is threatening the survival of the human race. In country, talk of stopping pollution is in the air .This fresh voice is heard from Asia to Europe.

The real problem with pollution is people. In order to improve their way of life people have changed physical environment. However, people¡¯s changes to physical environment have also caused harmful side effects. They have thrown millions of tons of wastes into the air and destroyed the whole ecological balance of the nature. Pollution of air and water is an increasing danger to people¡¯s health.

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And then, what a living envirenment we are living in? There is an old saying ¡°Man endeavors to rise as the river flows downward¡±. Each year thousand of people rush into big cities. Some come for education,some come for shopping or sight-seeing.Some come on business.But most of them,attracted by the job opportunities and modern life,come to stay.

People enjoy city lif echiefly for its conveniences. To begin with , the city provides fast transport ,with roads and buses leading to every corner. Then , there are department stores and shops all over the city, where you can buy all kinds of goods you wants . Besides, hospitals and other services are all within easy reach. Indeed, whatever your need is, you can easily get what you want. Living in the city , you can enjoy all the comforts provide by civilizationbig stores,restayrants,theates,cinemas,galleries and so on. A city has such a large population that you can make friends with as many people as you like- people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Life is never dull as you always have something to do. Moreover, there is a greater range of jobs, and therefore more opportunities to success in life.

However , big cities are confronted with many problems.One is the housing problem.For example,it is not uncommon for two or even three generations to share an apartment.Another problem is pollution. The air is not clean and the environment is noisy. Finally,there is the problem of competitive atmosphere.For example,people who have been in the same apartment block may well be strangers to each other.In short,the city is only a place for business,to be visited occasionally. It is not an ideal place for permanent living.

The rush-hour is the first thing I fear. Twice a day, the pot boils.There are people everywhere,struggling to get on the buses,pedaling bicycles like mad, or pushing and shoving all the way to get to work on time.Then there is the noise .Wherever uou are, the sharp hooting of vehicles pierces your ears.You simply cannot avoid it.But the most intolerable thing is the polluted air.All day you breathe in traffic fumes and poisonous chemical particles.You are paying dearly for the ¡°privilege¡± of living a modern city.

However, you dont have all these things in the country. Here there are not so many people to jostle each other. You are close to nature .The air is fresh and the sun shines on you warmly. Instead of noise , you hear the singing of birds which makes you relaxed and happy.Life in the country is so great, cosy and colorful.

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