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Battle Royal

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In Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal” the story is centered on the narrator, a young black man trying to establish himself as a man worthy of living in a society where the whites dominate the blacks. He dreadfully wants to live his life believing that everyone, regardless of race, has an equal chance in life. The narrator was living in a time slavery had been abolished, yet blacks were still being treated with far less equality. Everybody believed that he was just another “nigger boy.” “Battle Royal” symbolizes the struggle for African Americans fight for equality. Violence in this story comes about when the narrator is giving a speech at the Battle Royal.

The narrator was invited to present his graduation speech in front of the prestigious white men of the town at the Battle Royal; a boxing match where young black men are blind folded and sent into a ring for a free-for-all to destroy each other for the enjoyment of drunken white men. The blindfolds held a lot of symbolism. One, being

man’s inability to see his position in society, and another, represented the disadvantages that the blacks had versus the whites. Before being able to give his speech, he wanted to prove his intelligence by taking part in the boxing match. Ten black men survived after the destruction that occurred in the ring, and the humiliation that went along with it.

The boys were degraded and humiliated throughout the entire match, fighting with extreme violence, not even slightly believing that they were being mistreated. They were appalled to think what to think what the white men would do if they would not cooperate. Pain forced upon the black men almost to an unbearable state. The narrator was willing to do anything that he had to do to give his speech. He was a dedicated man, a man that had a chance to give the speech regardless of what he had to face beforehand. He was beaten mercilessly until it was just him and the biggest boy, Tatlock, who continued to beat him bloody. “A blow to my head as I danced about sent my right eye popping like a jack-in-the-box and settled my dilemma. The room went red as I fell. It was a dream fall, my body languid and fastidious as to where to land, until the floor became impatient and smashed up to meet me.” (Ellison 05) This quote shows the narrator’s beating and torture he took in the ring Battle Royal. The result of this violence was that now the narrator would be able to finally give his speech.

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