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DANIELLE It all started one day close to the end of my junior year in high school. I sat close to the back of the room in my Geometry class so not to be bothered. About three minutes after the late bell had rang someone walked through the door. At first I did not recognize her, but when she turned around I knew whom she was. Her name was Erin Danielle Wiley, and somehow she was different. She still had the same soft red hair, and the same dark green eyes. I found myself starring at her intensely. Once she noticed that I was starring at her she turned with a bewildered look on her face, and asked me what I was doing. I came out of my daze and, said sorry. We started talking a bit and, before I knew it we were together all of the time.

Our relationship started from there. We were never separated the whole summer. Every day we went fishing, swimming, or just hung out. One evening while sitting at my house watching television when Danielle looked at me very seriously, and asked me “could you see us spending the rest of our lives together”? There was a long silence before realizing that she was serious. I tried to answer her honestly, and with a regretful tone said “most high school loves don’t last, but I hope I’m wrong”. With that said that was all I thought about for the next few days. One night lying in bed I asked her if she remembered what she asked me, she said “yes, why”. I simply said, “Yes I could see us spending the rest of our lives together. That was the first night we were ever intimate.

After the summer when school started back I was a senior and Danielle was a junior. We loved each other as much as ever if not more. A particular turn of events made us decide to see what it would be like to be apart. Needless to say it only lasted for about half a day.

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On Sunday Sep. , 01 I had just gotten off of work when my phone rang. It was Danielle seeing if I was going to make it to her house that evening. I sighed, and said that I was pretty tired she said “that’s all right I’ll come see you”. So Danielle came over, and we watched a few movies. Afterwards we sat, and talked for a while. It was almost as a tear came to her eye when she took my ring off of her finger and gave it back to me. She said that it was hurting her finger and that I should take it back for a while, and then calmly said it was time to go. We said we loved each other and kissed goodbye.

The very next day Sep.10, 01 started as a normal day. My little sister woke me up, and got me dressed then I drove her to school. I walked towards Danielle’s locker, but could see that she had not med it to school yet. Her best friend, “Leah” was talking seriously to some of her other friends. When I made it over their Leah said four words that are burnt into my memory “Danielle had a wreck”. My ears went def to all of the noise around me. We ran to my truck jumped in and never looked back. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot we could see blue lights flashing all around us. We pulled near the wreck and the front end of her car was gone. It felt like a bad dream that I could not wake up from. As we got out of the vehicle I could see the EMT’s hovered around someone. Then I saw her lying on the ground beside the road.

I knelt down beside her and felt the glass crunch, and stab in me, yet I never flinched. When I took her hand she opened her eyes, and tried to sit up. I placed my hand on her shoulder, and told her to be still, and that I loved her. From that moment Danielle never moved again. I sat back, put my blood-covered hands over my face, and started to cry. The ambulance came and picked her up and rushed her to the ER.

One the way to the hospital we turned on the radio and Danielle’s favorite song had just started playing, outside by Stained. When I looked at the clock it said 11 a.m. After reaching the hospital I spoke with her mother and she said she “didn’t make it”. I made them take me inside to say a few final words. I told her that I loved her and always will.

Two days later we had the burial. Afterwards I went to Danielle’s house, sat in her room and looked around. Her mother came in to comfort me, and told me something I will never forget. She said that “God must have needed another angle for September 11” I just happened to be holding the death certificate, and it said “borne March , 84”and “ died September 10, 01 at 11 am.

Danielle was the love of my life but I guess someone needed her a little more than me.

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