Thursday, July 28, 2011

death penalty

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I think that preventive detention is a good plan to keep criminals off the streets. People may argue that it is unfair to keep some one in prison not for a crime but for things they might do when they get out. For example, Lets say that there is a prisoner in jail who is a career inmate. He has been in and out of jail for raping young women. He is a threat to society he should be kept in prison so that he doesn’t hurt anyone else. If he was to be sent back out into society excuse my French but he should be castrated so that he couldn’t rape young women anymore. Along with this he should be examined psychologically too see if he could even function in society. The way that I see career criminals is like a dog once it gets the taste of blood from a chicken it can never go back and it will always be craving the blood from a chicken.

If a person is caught and it is his multiple time being convicted of drug trafficking even though he has no past history of violence he should still be put in preventive detention because with him locked up that would be one less drug trafficker out on the street, in result less drugs on the streets. I think that a person who is just exposing himself to women not causing harm to them is not really a risk to society. So what he likes to show off a little bit as long as he’s not hurting any one “streak on”. Some one who is convicted of multiple white-collar crimes such as cheating on their income taxes, he is not really hurting society he’s just sticking it to Uncle Sam. The IRS should keep him under close surveillance and not keep him locked up in jail.

My whole view on preventive detention is if you are harming society you should be put in jail and have them throw away the key. But if you are in there for non harmful activity you should be released but still be under close supervision.

weather it be stoning shooting or hanging.

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