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Gods must be crazy

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Gods Must Be Crazy

Gods Must Be Crazy is a movie that tries to twist real life situations into a “comedy”. First off, I would like to state that it does a horrible job incorporating both of these. This movie had pieces of reality in it, but mainly it seemed to me, that it was trying to poke fun at the different cultures of the world. The main culture it was trying to turn into a comedy was the American Culture. Based on this early observation I had, I immediately lost interest and appreciation for this movie. I do not believe the humor referring to the American culture and ways was accurate or even funny. Now this movie did have some broad but accurate points in it as it refers to human geography.

This movie can relate to human geography in the aspect of the African culture that is so apparent throughout the movie. The language, family organization, economy, government, and religion discussed in this movie are accurate portrayals of what it is really like. These were the only things that related to human geography and were useful in gaining more knowledge. The clothing that these African people were depicted as wearing was accurate and told a lot about their culture. These wardrobes were so much different then anything I have seen, especially since they differ from my clothes. I thought their clothes were very unique and interesting. Obviously they can make use of all of their resources and provide themselves with the necessities of life and do not need money. Making use of their resources was also very intriguing to see. With everything that they can find, someone will be made out of it. For example, when the coke bottle was there, they used it for so many things. This is interesting primarily because we use it as something to drink out of and that is it. These people could and would use it for everything. They are obviously not as privileged as us and can make much better use of their resources. I know the way they spoke was suppose to be an attempt at a joke, but I believe they way they talked was accurate. Their language, which involves “clicks”, is a beautiful language. I find it amazing that they can communicate like that, it all seems to sound the same to an outside person. Once again this was suppose to be a good laugh for the movie (which obviously failed), but in the end was an accurate representation of different languages, and show the differences in cultures around the world.

The biggest and most well done representation of something that relates to human geography is family organization, or they way the family interacts with each other. They all get along very well and seem to never fight. They share everything and work together to get things done and seem to be sufficient. They are always together and spend day and night with each other. This is remarkable because as an average American, I rarely spend time with my family. I am at school, my parents work, I play sports, I have homework, etc. I am constantly busy and rarely get to spend time with my family. This is in complete contrast to how the African families were portrayed in this movie. In the movie, it shows the families working together, no matter what the task.

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The last thing that may be accurate is how new technology, or advancements that are readily available in other locations, can really affect one’s culture. This relates directly to the interaction of the people when the coke bottle is dropped on them. Before the existence of this coke (before it came in contact with the African people), the family worked so well together. After the emergence of the coke bottle, everyone now wanted to use it. Everyone felt as if it was a necessity. They are forgot how life was before the coke bottle came into their lives. This is what has occurred in the world. With the introduction of many things, arguments have risen, and bad things (as well as good) have come out of it. This was a large point of this movie, to make fun of how technologically advancements may be harmful to people’s lives, families, and cultures.

This is a somewhat realistic view of the world today. It is way too exaggerated though. Some basic concepts are realistic, but it is mostly blown out of proportion. It is not a fantasy, but not absolutely realistic. Many of the ideas behind the movie were accurate and I discussed them earlier, but the total plot was not true or realistic. Many things were changed in order to try and make this movie funny, when in fact it did the opposite.

I do not know of any other movies, books, news articles, or anything else that would emphasize the same concepts. I have to say this was in a league of its own. The only other things that could discuss the same concepts are documentaries or National Geographic-type magazines. Only factual movies or magazines that involve the African culture relate to this movie.

I would never in my entire life recommend this movie to other students. The main reason for this is because it is very uninformative and if they were looking for something educational, they came to the wrong place. If they are going to study concepts that can relate to this movie, I am positive that they can find other sources which would be much more sufficient in gaining knowledge. This movie was not funny, was not very educational, and the concepts that might relate to human geography are minimal and not deeply interesting. I do not recommend this EPIC COMEDY.

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