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wrieOver-ambitious goal, usually a factor of perfectionism and ignorance of ones limitation. My experiences of helping postgraduate students to trim down their research questions are typical; they usually come with big questions first and then settle down later with more managed ones. In other words, how to set an achievable goal within limitations is the key for a leader.

) ¡¥Goal displacement¡¦, usually a factor of the loss of direction over the course of action. A friendship game is for good public relations, whilst more of the same kind might displace the main task which the party has higher priority for. A good leader constantly reminding his team the direction of their present task is the most helpful.

From a broader perspective, how to avoid an over-ambitious goal and goal displacement requires ones critical analysis other than personal attributes. Critical in the sense that mistake is spotted at its source. Taking again learning from failure to analyze, it is not critical thinking if a leader personalizes failure and disregards environmental factors. In most instances, failure or success is attained as a result of personal and environmental factors in combination. The ability to relate personal efforts and ability (either of the leader, team member or the team) with wider environmental factors is prerequisite of an objective analysis. The inability to do so ends up either in self-blaming, in the case of failure, or self-inflating, in the case of success¡OEither case will lead to future failure. A good leader sets the right parameters of the assessment, either failure or success, and is able to learn from experiences.

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