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police officers

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Police officers

What really do police officers do when at work? Police officers some are friendly and

some are not. Police officers are suppose to in force the peace and not violence but yet there are

lots of corrupt police officers. Not all police officer are bad though there are some that are in the

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uniform to in force the police but yet not all have that same plan others are there in that uniform

to take advantage of the uniform and do things that they should not do in the uniform and should

not really be in the police officer uniform unless they are there really to in force the peace and

not to take advantage of people.

To become a police officer at minimum all u will need is to be a US citizen, over 0

years old, not be a convicted felon, have a GED or a high school diploma. Also u must pass some

competitive written and physical examinations, but federal and state law enforcement’s require a

college degree. To become a police officer you will need certain kinds of training like many law

enforcement agencies encourage applicants to complete either a two-year associate’s program or

a four year bachelor’s program in a criminal justice related areas. When u are accepted in to the

law enforcement agency, you’ll receive 1 to 14 weeks of training in a police academy. The

training will include classroom instructions in constitutional law and civil rights, state laws and

local ordinances, and accident investigation. Also recruits will receive training in patrol, traffic

control, firearms usage, self-defense. first aid, and emergency response. Continuing education is

a necessary requirement for police officers and detectives. Many agencies pay all or part of the

tuition for officers to earn a degree in criminal justice, justice administration or public

administration, and pay higher salaries to those who earn such a degree. You can also earn your

criminal justice degree online, your degree on campus. In this career u will have lots of

opportunities like u will be in a large department and u can be promoted to detective or to a

specialty area of police work, such as juvenile justice administration. When promotions to

corporal , sergeant, lieutenant, and captain usually are made according to a candidate’s position

on a promotion list, depending on your on the job performance and examination scores. Many

officers retire with a pension after only 0 - 5 years of service , and pursue a second career

while still in their 40’s. The salary for police officers according to the bureau of labor statistics.

police and sheriff’s [patrol officers had median annual earnings of $,70 in 000. Police

chiefs, deputy chiefs, captains, lieutenants and sergeants earned between $5,000 and $78,600

per year. In 000 detectives and criminal investigators earned between $7,40 and 61,750 per


Police officers maintain law and order, collect evidence and conduct criminal

investigations. Urban police officers have a general law enforcement duties including

maintaining regular patrols and responding to calls for service. Many are assigned to patrol a

specific area, such as a business district or residential neighborhood. The certain type of law

enforcement’s are sheriffs and deputy sheriffs who enforce the law on the county level.

Sheriffs who are elected to their posts, perform duties similar to those of a local or

county police chief. A deputy sheriff in a large agency has duties similar to those of officers in

urban police departments.

Detectives gather facts and collect evidence for criminal cases. They conduct interviews,

examine records, observe the activities of suspects, and participate in raids or arrests.

State police officers, also known as highway patrol officers, arrest criminals statewide

and patrol highways to enforce motor vehicle laws and regulations. At the scene of accidents,

they may direct traffic, give first aid, and call for emergency equipment.

Police are not always the people you would think they were just because they have the

police officer uniform on does not mean they are the protectors of the peace. Police are some

times using there uniform to do things that they should not. Police some times even take

advantage of the uniform by some times doing things like pulling people over for no reason.

Unfortunately nowadays the people who are supposed to protect us and help us when we

are in need cant be trusted. Police brutality has always been a problem, but there’s been a

dramatic rise in police murders and brutalization of citizens. Being harassed is much more

common though then being murdered by a police officer. Such people as famous actor and

rapper will smith was pulled over once a week. When will asked the officers why he was being

pulled over they simply answered because he was black in a nice car. Young people get

followed constantly just because the officer wants to make sure that the young person is not

getting in to any trouble. Police officers can some times make the wrong judgments such as

when a young women was in a diabetic coma in her car. The police felt threatened by her and

shot at her and killed her. In another case when a young man was sitting in his car the police

pointed guns at him from every direction cause they thought he had a gun. The police officers

made him put his hands up and get out of the car, but he was shot to death cause a officer

thought he saw a gun but the young man was unarmed. Four police officers approached a man’s

door in search for a suspected rapist even though this was not the man. He was shot at 41 times

and killed and he was unarmed. One police brutality incident police officers tortured a Haitian

immigrant by driving the handle of a toilet plunger into his rectum and they also punctured his

small intestine. After they put the plunger in his mouth and called him some racial names and

said they’d kill him if he said anything.

The most famous of all police brutality cases is of course Rodney king’s case. On March

,11 four Los Angeles police officers beat Rodney King as eleven other police officers stood

by watching them do so. Rodney King was in a high speed car chase with the officers, when he

finally stopped the car, he hesitated to get out of the car. When he did he was said to jump at the

officers. He was also hit by two darts from a stun gun, Rodney King still refused to obey the

officer and lie flat on the ground. In less than two minutes, he was hit with 56 baton blows and

kicked six times. He suffered from eleven skull fractures, brain damage, broken bones, knocked

out teeth and kidney damage, also emotional and physical trauma. Not in all cases are the

victims of police brutality innocent, obviously in you can tell in Rodney Kings case. No matter

how rude or uncoopitive a suspect is being this extreme force from officers should not be used

These cases are just some of the ways that police officer miss treat there badge of being a

police officer. Police officers some times cant help it cause they are some times put under a lot

of stress in this job. Stress is a term used by a lot of people, it is somewhat misunderstood and

often is used to describe a negative condition or emotional state. People experience various

forms of stress at home, work. or n social settings. Police officers experience stress the same as

others. but also in ways much different than average people. The dangers, violence and tragedies

that have been seen by officers result in added levels of stress not experienced by the general

population. Police work by its very nature calls for an incredible amount of continual stress.

There as been a demand on police officers to show a greater restraint has been increasing over

the years has increased the effects of stress on police work. Some of the most stressful things

some police officers have to deal with are things like having there partner killed in the line of

duty, lack of support by the department or bosses, shift or work and disruption of family time.

Police officers can not let stress take over them cause people depend on them event though stress

is a hard thing to get over some officers have committed suicide cause of stress. Also when

under stress u cant deal with some things the way that u should deal with them. So the police

officers deal with it by beating a person and I guess that would get rid of the stress that some one

would have. Even though it is not right for a person to beat another person for no reason. It

should be especially wrong for some one of the peace to beat or discriminate against some one


The things that most of theses so called police officers do is because of corruption.

Corruption is both a result and cause of the separation of the police from society. The isolation

police can lead to a divergence of the values of law enforcement officials from those that the rest

of society professes to uphold. Corruption within any policing must not be tolerated at all. The

constant misconduct of law enforcement officials affects public trust in the police force and in

turn imperative that the system be reformed to prevent human rights violations. The Rodney

King case contributes to a decreased level of respect for law enforcement officials. Most people

were angry mainly because the officers deprived Rodney King of his rights to be safe from the

intentional use of unreasonable force.

Even though there are officers that discriminate and beat others for no reason there are

also the good ones that do really protect and serve. There are police officers that have saved

people out of houses and crashed cars and so on. These are police officers that have been

awarded for the things that they have done with medals and things for the good doings that they

have done. The officers that do the good deeds that they do should and deserve to be awarded

with medals and other things. Even though officers might be good they also can become

corrupted just like all of the other officers that are. The good police officer most of the time

become corrupted because of there partner that they are with. Such things as money can make a

good person turn bad, cause money is the root of all evil. Lot of police officers come in to this

career figuring that they are going to do all this good and take criminals off of the streets. Yet

they are the ones that are fingering innocent people for crimes that they never did like how they

use to shoot people for the color of there skin and just place a gun in there hands or putting drugs

on that person. Yet the good cop never says anything so that must make them equally responsible

for that officer that if fingering someone for some thing that they never did. Police officers let

there uniform and badge go to there head and just figure at first there going to help people but

then turn around and hurt people and steal from others just cause of the money just because they

want the American dream to have lot’s of money.

In the police force there are also other police officers that walk and talk different than

other officers. They are dogs they have k- units that are trained with dogs and they use them to

get a suspect if they do not listen to the officer and run or wont get down on the ground. Officers

use to use the dogs to attack black people for no reason at all but just cause they were black. But

know they use the dog for a better reason like for someone who runs from the police and that is

hiding in a spot that the police can not get to they send in the k- unit dog. They train the dog

with a police officer who will be there master also partner. They train the dog to obey there

partner so that the dog does not just run off and bite who ever. They also have dogs that are

trained to sniff different things out such as bombs and illegal things that do not need to be there.

They also have dogs that are trained to sniff out people like a bank robber that ran off from a car

or an abducted child and so forth. The police dog is treated just like an real person and honored

just like one also if killed they are honored or shot they also are honored and if they do some

thing worth honoring they are.

The women police officers were treated different than other males officers cause they

didn’t believe that they could do the thing that other officer can do now a days. But as time went

by women officers were treated more of the same as other officer and could do more things that

they would not allow them to do. No one would really take women officers all that serious cause

they were women and no one really thought that they could do it. But once again that has

changed and the can do it some can do it better than some males.

There also is another type of police officer and they are called military police but they are

not like other police officers. They police the military and take care of things of military people

like say a military person is killed or some one needs to be arrested on a military base. Then the

military police would take care of it and arrest that person and take them to a military facility to

hold and they will be prosecuted in a military court. Military police also dress different than

police officers they were military uniforms and were helmets instead of hats. Military police is

also called M.P.. short for military police.

Police officers also have helicopters which assist them in things that they can some times

not do. Like when in a car pursuit they get the helicopter to help in the pursuit so just in case

they loose the car they have some one in the sky to do some thing and which will spot the car

were ever it is and lead officer to it. Also they have the helicopter in case someone runs from the

police so that it can also stay on them were ever they go and spot a light on them. Helicopters

also have heating divide so that it can spot some one hiding in like a bush or some thing. They

also have a tracking device that stays on the person and will not come off of that person so that

they will not loose them.

Police officers have lot’s of devices to do different things with people like they have

ways so that they will not kill someone and just hurt them in none lethal ways. The police can

track sartant cars that have a device in it call lowjack in about 1 min. Police officers use to be

know for protecting and serving and doing good for the people but not know a days. Know u

have to be careful cause there are some crooked cops also there are people the portend to be

police officer and really are not police officer and are trying to get people for the things that they

have. Even though lot’s of people do not have any respect for the police or lost respect for the

police have gained it back after the tragic /11. Police officer are here to protect and serve and

with out them things would be wild and crazy. So even though there are bad cops there are also

good cops that we need.



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