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The tragedy of war in art.

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The Tragedy of war.

Two armies organize and prepare for battle;soldiers, armed to the

teeth and equipped with the most modern of equipment embark on a

journey of death and destruction. Both sides intoxicated with nationalistic

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pride conjured up by propaganda with ideologies and doctrines etched in

stone where men would sacrifice life and everything they cherish for mere

words. Sound familiar? This scenario has been rehearsed countless times in

the texts of history books and the cauldrons of the past.

Thousands of men, striped of their individuality and immersed into a

massive, cohesive beast with an insatiable appetite are subject to tortures

unimaginable. This beast, the war machine an irational, insane, illogical

being capable of complete and utter destruction . It has no regard for the

individual that has been assimilated . Most scholors would argue that that

loss of individuality is what makes war tragic, however the tragedy of war

goes beyond this,those individuals experience pain, suffering, death, pity ,

paralysing fear, most bear witness to their own mortality .War creates

feelings such as pity, pathos, sorrow, greif, torment, agony.In war sacrifice

for an ideal or cause is common , the struggle for survival is instinctive and

most, delay an enevatible end.Who has the right to decide who lives and

who dies, which country is to be flattened , the loss of innocence and the

question of what might have been. From the dying soldier on the beeches

of normandy to the peasent being executed, the tragedy of war is far

reaching and the effects can be sensed and experienced by allpoets,

painters, writers, laymen, bearucrats, it has been the subject of countless

writings, poems, songs and paintings.

As we.the soldeirs of the 6th mechanized infantry batalion began to dismount and fix bayonets,

Soviet Yaks can be seen in the distance. The distinctive screech of a diving arch can be heard,

the sound sends shivers down our spines. We run for the nearest foxholes and shelter but

this effort is in vain . With the droping of the heavy ordanace their came the hollow feeling of

despair, the resulting explosions tear flesh from bones, steel from frames and minds from men.

As the Yaks retreat the men begin to regroup and prepare for battle;most ignore the numerous

amounts of dead and wounded, there is not enough of med. supplies to go around;those lucky

men are left to rot or are shot by their commanding officers out of pity.In our brefing we were

told that our mighty air-force, the luttfaffe, would neutrilize all enemy artilery, this was an

obvious fallacy , because at this moment the sweet sound of Soviet artilery belching out it’s

lovely , indiscriminate tickets out of hell.At this moment those 84 mm begin to fall with insane

accuarcy .Some laughed as our Cp(command or Hq) was hit first, then our medical reserves,

and of course it would not have been complete without them striking our ammunition depot, the

following explosion sent hundreds of thousands of rounds of OUR ammunition into our own

lines killing men left and right. But we continued, we of course were the spearhead of the

central thurst in the 6th vermacht army, the pride of all pure blooded German peoples as we

were so often told, obviously we could not turn back. With no air cover or artilery suppresion

fire the Soviets had a field day . By the time we had reached the forward contact position our

unit was at 46% operational capacity , but we continued with sinister enthusiasim.The Soviet

Snipers would target our highest ranks and would work their way down, it seemed they had an

intense love for our radio operators limiting our command and control capabilites then see us

frolic on the battlefield with no direction or objective. By night fall the battle reached a

stalemate, us superior Germans and captured 1 of 17 objectives and a front no larger then

city blocks. We had failed, everyone knew, morale was low, possibly lower then our food

stocks.100 of our finest now occupied the Soviet landscape as statues, in graves or all over

area in tiny pieces. All this for a last attempt at victory , outnumbred and our supply lines

streteched to the limit any rational person would have ordered a tactical retreat, regroup

and rebuild, this attack did not make anysense, but whatever the fuher said was right , he was

always right, that bohemian corporl was always right.

“The Power of the Gods resting in the hands of a few men.”Men with

the power over life and death. These mere mortals aspire to power to

implement their convulted plans and ideas. As in the case of Germany in

1 when the rational and logical people where over thrown in a silent

revolution of ideas . Adolf Hitler, a man who irrevocably changed the

world was one of these men. He belived that the German people where

superior in every way possible, and he would prove this to the world at any

cost. He controled the masses with propaganda, he propagated ideas of

eugenics, nationalism, aryan superiority and he glorified war.The individual

no longer existed in Germany after 1.

As the mighty German army was beat back by the Russian unslaught ,

countless Germans lost their lives.The above excerpt was taken from an

officers diary during the counter attack at Kursk. It is hard to put into

words, but the tragedy of what happened is beyond the people in our

society, perhaps even the people who ordered the operation .Ordinary men,

whose thoughts are corupted, they become brainwashed and

mindless.Striped of their humanity they no longer bear the title Human ,

these people were once thinking, loving, and rational human beings , but

now they have become barbarians and killers.The apparent question lingers,

why? why does this happen. Men ;duhumanized, and automated, die for

causes unknown.Words ,mere words, taken and turned into

weapons.Senators, dictators, politicans all make these wars happen, while

the common man bares the responibility of excogitating them ,they suffer

through the pain and agony.For example the German soldier was told that

their airforce would neutrilze the Sovet artilery but it was a fallacy , the

artilery was left to do it’s job to annihalte the enemy.Words Vs. words ,

that is the tragedy of war in this selection , ideolgies against ideologies and

40 million people died for this futile struggle.

In 17 the world was on the verge of devouring itself for the second

time in the first half of the 0th century.Spain; a divided nation lay in the

midst of a civil war. The rebels, lead by Francisco Franco had the country

by the throat, with the aid of the Nazis, victory was in sight for this

disgruntled General.In the north eastern section of Spain lay a small city

named Guernica. An elite wing of the Nazi airforce was attached to the

Spanish rebels , this wing, the condor wing was given the oportunity to

train and prepare for future wars. It was the proving ground for the

blitzkreig tactics used against Britian and France years later. In the early

morning hours the inhabitants of Guernica awakend to a world of hell. The

indiscriminate bombing of civilians was the headlines on all the worlds

major newspapers. Pablo Picasso transposed the destruction into a

painting,an image of pain and brutality that depicts the fascist bombing of

the town.Can this painting be classified as a tragedy ? The answer ia yes.

The painting is a general meditaion on suffering, and its symbols are

archaic the gored and speared horse(the Spainish Republic)the bull(german

air force) towering over the bereaved, shrieking woman. This city had no

statregic value, they bombed it to test the potency and effectiveness of their

air power. They tested their killing machines by killing innocent people so

they could kill at a later date. This is the tragey that Picasso captured in his

painting, the destruction of innocence with the towering, invincible force

that the civilians had no defense against to enable the killers to kill better.

To commemorate the 70th anniversiry of Russias defeat over

Napolean during the Napoleonic wars; a lucrative commision was granted

to Tchaikovsky to compose an overture in recognition of this ‘great’

victory. The celebration of death and destruction . The death of countless

men now celebrated as if this blatant murder of precious life was a good

thing.As you listen to the overture a strange cresendo can be felt building

throughout your body , a frenzy of emotion begins to overflow, like the

perverbial pot left to boil over on a stove.It is hard for any writer to put

into words , however the most appropriate word that I can think of would

be adrenalized, the feeling of power and the iresistable urge to ‘bust skulls’

is undeniable, the feelings created by the overture , the glorifying of war is

what makes this piece so tragic.To take mans best , to do mans worst

music, regarded as one of mans most crowning achievements used to

inspire mans worst. Tragic, but true.

No matter how much we progress as a race ;its all in vain because the

desire to crush our neighbors is inherent.This tarnish apon society has

impeded our development since the beginning of recorded history , fueled

by our instincts man is nothing more than Barbarains in expensive suits.The

assimilation of the individual , the sacrifice of thousands of men for

words.The utilization of mans best to do mans worse.To take away

innocence from men women and children who could not understand what

is happening and why .These concepts make war tragic.We must learn to

abandon this barbarism.We must learn not to be taken in by politicians and

be rational and critical beings.........What if they gave a war , and nobody


What did u learn in school today , dear little boy of mine?

What did u learn in school today , dear little boy of mine?

I learned that war is not so bad

I learned about the great ones we have had

We fought in Germany and in France

And I am someday to get my chance

That’s what I learned in school today

That’s what I learned in school.

-A song by Tom Paxton

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