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Abstract fo Chevron's Western BusinessUnit

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Donald D. Parker

COM 515

Linda T. Kulka

Custom Essays on Abstract fo Chevron's Western BusinessUnit

June 7, 00

I choose to read the article “Self Managed Work Teams” from the selected readings of

the COM 515 course material. The article focused on Chevron oil company’s Western

Production Business Unit. The three key points of the article

1. That companies are increasingly employing the team concept.

. That the team concept has increased the efficiency of Chevron’s Western

Production Business Unit.

. That the team concept should not be viewed as a quick fix.

The article points out the reason for Chevron’s decision to employ the team concept

Was due to the need to foster team work, increase employee involvement, and

Cultivate employee empowerment. The article also pointed out the need for various

personnel from all areas of the organization to participate in the team organizing but

spent very little time discussing the draw backs of forming teams, The need to train team

members and the cost of transition from one organizational norm to a totally foreign


Summary pg.

The article points out that by the year 000, 50% of all American businesses will

employ the self managed team concept. I have two questions

1. Is the team concept better employed in a manufacturing capacity where

production teams have always thrived? Or does it suit all businesses including

governments and service industries?

. How will teams be of benefit to your organization?

The team concept for the audit profession has been in vogue in some form or fashion for

many years. I can’t say that it is a team by the definition that the article uses, but I can

say that team work is very necessary during an audit. Each team member has his or her

assignment, that if not carried out properly, can and often does lead to erroneous

conclusions. In my time at the Illinois Department of Insurance, I was alerted by another

audit team member of the fact that the CPA’s had qualified the company’s PSDA

( Policyholders Security Deposit Account) report. This was very unusual. If a

qualification was to be issued, it should have occurred within the report that was issued

to both the company and to the Department. This put us on alert that there was a problem.

We later learned that the company’s loss reserves were deficient and that the company

was insolvent. I credit that team member for his being aware that the qualification

indicated a problem that was later determined by other members of the audit team.

The need for team work is important, but how important for all American businesses is


Summary pg.


Mohsen Attaran and Tai T. Nguyen (Jul/Aug). Self Managed Work Teams

[Electronic version].Industrial Management, vol.41 Issue 4, p4,5p

Wayne S. Chaneski (Mar), Self Managed Work Teams Don’t Just Happen

[Electronic version] Modern Machine Shop, vol. 71 Issue 10, p5,p

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