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DAnger in Disguise

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Danger in Disguise

The lavish house stood isolated on the mountain with the closest neighbours about a kilometre away. A wary woman, Mary, and her newborn baby occupied the mansion while her avaricious husband was on one of his usual business trips.

After rocking her child to sleep, the young mother decided to relieve her exhaustion by sinking into a therapeutic Jacuzzi. After an hour of relaxation, she decided to go to bed. As she vacated the bathroom and fastened her bathrobe, she sensed and unwanted presence overwhelm her remote household.

Mary had always been cautious and some-what paranoid. The sound of footsteps followed by a loud thud was all it took to put her into a state of panic. She instantly reached for her husband’s rifle. She had company.

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Her heart was in her throat and her adrenaline level was peaking. She tiptoed from room to room in search of the prowler. When the terrified woman approached the kitchen, the sound of the footsteps loudened.

Not knowing what to do, she crept behind the kitchen door and watched to see if anyone passed by. Nothing. The footsteps had stopped. She shuffled through the passage and there was no one in sight. No more noises. She hesitantly decided to retire but kept the rifle in close reach.

Mary switched off her room light and tried to get some sleep with the hope that everything will be fine by the morning. After fifteen minutes of tossing and turning, she heard the rambling noises again. Only this time it was closer. Much closer. The intruder was in the room!

Trembling, she silently grabbed the rifle, turned on the lights and prepared to face her intruder. Mary examined her surroundings but there was no sign of life. At this stage she started to believe that the noises were an act of her imagination. Calming down slightly, she attempted to relax, but no sooner than she shut her eyes, she heard heavy breathing break the silence.

Agitated, she sprang out of bed, took the rifle and followed the sound of the breathing. She walked towards her wardrobe and could see the back of a dark, masculine figure fill the doorway. Mary noticed that the man was wearing a ripped skipper and scruffy jeans. This gave her the impression that he was after their wealth.

The man slowly turned around and Mary was face to face with the intruder. Not acknowledging the man’s profile, she suddenly fired the rifle and shot him dead. Terrified but relieved, she found the courage to view her victim. To her horror it was her brother-in-law.

Only then she recalled her husband informing her that he had given his brother a house key and he would be coming to check on them. She realised that her brother-in-law must have been returning from one of his building jobs and decided to see on them.

In shock and denial, she felt her emotions spin completely out of control. She was horrified at the fact that she killed another human being and even more so because it was her husband’s brother. Thoughts of her husband’s reaction when he hears about the death of his only brother stirred through her mind. He would be furious.

In her state, she did not even consider her baby’s life when she decided to take her own. She could not face her husband and could not live with herself knowing that she murdered an innocent man.

The morning after the two deaths, Mary’s husband, Zak, had returned home. The scene was a mess. Blood seeped along the floor staining the plush carpets. The sight of the two dead bodies and the loud cried of his child was enough to make him weep.

Extremely devastated, he called the police. The reality of the situation had not sunk in, however, he felt a sense of guilt overwhelm him, as he should have been there for his wife and child. For months, the police tried to uncover the mystery of the two deaths but were unsuccessful.

Sorrowful and regretful, Zak cared for his child and cut back on his working hours to spend quality time with his son in order to make up for the family life that he had missed out on.

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