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Gilgamesh’s and Mine Journey through Life.

Life can easily be understood as journey of understanding and growth. We are born, we grow and we learn, and come to understand the nature of life through our victories and our failures. Although my journey through life can be seen in a somewhat different light as Gilgamesh’s, there are still many similarities within our two excursions.

A life filled with discontent and depression as well as my experiences in school shaped and changed my life. It was not until after graduation from high school that I realized there was a better place for me in this world. Early on, my Journey through life was filled with hard times and I had to go through prolonged states of depression. These adverse conditions unfortunately will stay with me for the rest of my life because they are brought about because of a chemical unbalance in my brain. Because of that chemical distortion, I had to be put on medication, medication that I am still taking. Now, thank goodness, the medicine allows me to remain free of my sadness and frustrations.

Also, I finished school, but this too was a hard time in my life. I had to study harder than most other students because of a learning disability. I have a reading comprehension problem, where I don’t understand what I have read. I had to stay in remedial classes (LD) from age three until I was in tenth grade; when at last, the LD teacher told me I could transfer into regular classes. These regular classes where harder, but I found I could do the work expected of me with little problem. I stayed in school and I graduated. Consequently, I am now in college and am going to major in Accounting. I have been in college for about three years and now have earned fifty-two credits. At this time I am working on my fourth year and looking to transfer to UNLV. As a result of my educational experience, I have a far better life since moving to Nevada.

Write my Essay on gilgamesh

Gilgamesh’s experience, his journey, also changed his life. When the citizens of Uruk were displeased with Gilgamesh’s behavior and asked the gods for help, the Gods responded by sending a man named Enkidu. Enkidu was half man and half animal, created by Gilgamesh. The two were enemies at first; but eventually, they became the best of friends. The citizens treated Enkidu as if he was the king. Gilgamesh was the real king, but the citizens did not like him. They thought of him as a poor king.

The two men decided to go on a quest, a journey where they, together, conquered Humbana. Ishtar becomes frustrated with Gilgamesh because of her desire to become friends with him. So, she asks her father to send the Bull of Heaven to punish Gilgamesh, but Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeat the Bull of Heaven. At this point, Enkidu gets sick and dies, and Gilgamesh is very sad about the death of his friend. It is then that Gilgamesh recounts the wonderful experience he had with Enkidu and greatly praises his friend. As time passes, Gilgamesh becomes fearful for his own death and decides he wants to attain immortality from the Fountain of Youth. So, he goes on to Urshanabi to find the Fountain of Youth, where the god Utnapishtim gives him a choice to stay awake for seven days and seven nights to be immortal. He falls asleep before the seven days and seven nights is up, and discovers that every man must some day be taken from the natural world and experience the spirits of the afterlife. Gilgamesh said, “Me! Will I too not die like Enkidu? Sorrow was come into my belly. I fear death; I roam over the hills. I will seize the road; quickly I will go to the house of Utnapishtim, offspring of Ubaratutu. I approach the entrance of the mountain at night. Lions I see, and I am terrified. I lift my head to pray to the mood god Sin For…a dream I go to the gods in prayer …preserve me!” Gilgamesh has here looked death squarely in the face and defeated it. I too at one critical moment in my life took on and defeated my problems; and like Gilgamesh; I became a better person.

For both Gilgamesh and me, our differences are not all that far removed from how people look at and understand us. We both had to go through a journey in our lives that made each of us stronger. In the book our first view of Gilgamesh is the epitome of a bad ruler arrogant, oppressive, and brutal, where the people of Uruk complain of his oppressive adherence to the Sumerian gods. However, the citizens and Gods sent him on a journey that made him a hero. Gilgamesh begins with a cruel and arrogant character; nonetheless, he emerges as a strong, kindhearted hero. Now, Gilgamesh is a man with no equal, so he feels at least equivalent in stature to all those around him.

People will always complain that others are trying to bring then down. This obstruction can help us to become a better person because we might listen and think the things they have to say might be true. People always told me throughout my life I wouldn’t amount to anything, that I wouldn’t finish school, nor would I would even make it a semester in college. But I made it through school knowing I can do all that I set out to do. Like Gilgamesh, I too set out on a journey of understanding, and I too ended my journey knowing more of myself and my capabilities.

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