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domestic abuse and children

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Karma (deeds) and results of Karma are the basis of our lives. Knowing that good karma will bring good results and vice versa, our lives can be guided towards fruition of Salvation termed as Moksha. Karmas are of various levels and will effect a soul for short or long time depending upon its gravity. A simple act will bring a simple and short term reward , whether it be good or bad. More serious karma can bring a longer lasting reward and yet still some karmas are so good or bad that they last for some lifetimes. The result or the fruit of a karma cannot be escaped. This is hard and fast. As for bad karma when one gets realized, begins to do good deeds and takes the path towards God then fortunately the punishment of any past bad deeds only Here we can see that Hinduism claims to have the truth in regard to its belief in karma and salvation. To Hinduism, Christianity and Islam do not have the truth and are in error regarding the doctrine of condemning people to hell. Hinduism has the truth. As pointed out in earlier chapters, this can be termed implicit intolerance. Also we see the similarity with Buddhism in that another person cannot be used as a propitiation for your sins or bad deeds [karma], this is something one has to do himself through his own self-reliance.

Hindus believe in the repetitious Transmigration of the Soul. This is the transfer of ones soul after death into another body. This produces a continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth through their many lifetimes. It is called samsara. Karma is the accumulated sum of ones good and bad deeds. Karma determines how you will live your next life. Through pure acts, thoughts and devotion, one can be reborn at a higher level. Eventually, one can escape samsara and achieve enlightenment. Bad deeds can cause a person to be reborn as a lower level, or even as an animal. The unequal distribution of wealth, prestige, suffering are thus seen as natural consequences for ones previous acts, both in this life and in previous lives.

helps one reroute to God. That is the best part of it.

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