Friday, September 30, 2011

drunk driving

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Star wars a space adventures fantasy has entered the world of entertainment. People are raging to see this movie, there where people lined up at the doors of the theater 1 day in advance just to get a seat. Star Wars is directed by George Lucas a three time Oscars winner. But not only is he making millions on Star wars alone this is but one of the movies in a trilogy. The other movies include Return of the JedI, and the Empire strikes back. These movies are not expected to come out until the early 80’s, but by the Phoneme Star Wars is making on our society it might be enough to sustain us for many years to come. Star Wars came out in 177. When many great movies were coming out, such as the Indiana Jones series . Star Wars stood out among them all, making a income of seven-hundred and ninety-eight million dollars. Star Wars was the leading in box office income for 6 weeks. People were going nuts for any memorabilia that they could get there hands on. Anything from trading cards to underwear had the Star Wars logo on them. Mc Donald’s started selling action figures of the actors and or monster’s. The biggest character to the older society was chewy or Chewbacca. During holloween that year the biggest costume bought was a Chewbacca outfit.

Star Wars was not just watched in the

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United states but later on was expanded into 18 different languages. Now everyone in the world was falling for the George Lucas fantasy of deep outer space and its many mysteries.

(picture of a French movie cover) ʏ ʏ(picture of German cover)


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