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Once upon a time in a far off country there was a poor tailor named Mustafá who died and left his family in poverty

One day his son was playing in the doorway of his house when a man he had never seen before came up to him. He said to the boy “Are you Aladdin?” Then the boy replied “yes, that’s my name.”

The man said “I am the brother of your deceased father. I know that you are having hard times and what you are going through so here is a bag of gold coins and a magic ring. Then the strange man asked if the boy would accompany him to go walking around the streets of the city. Aladdin gladly agreed he could not turn down this little favor after the man had been so generous to him.

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When Aladdin’s mother saw the gold coins she thought it was very strange and said to the boy “How strange, your father never had a brother.”

Nevertheless the boy did not think much of the situation. Then the next day the man appeared at the time they had agreed upon.

Then they went walking downtown where all of the busy businesses where. Next the man said “Let’s go back to my camp now I want to show you something.” So Aladdin followed him with no distrust. They arrived in a remote location where they found a large rock with a door knocker on the front. Then the false uncle of Aladdin began to rub the ring that he wore on his hand then suddenly from the ring came a great flash and a cloud of smoke.

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