Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Environmental Crisis

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The basic premise of this model is that more is better, meaning that more people inhabiting the planet will directly lead to an improved living environment for them all. More people will provide more intellect, hence more inventions and scientific break-throughs, which will by far outweigh any negative consequences of the sheer number of people in apparent competition with each other.

Even if I shared Mr. Simon’s position on the outlook of future population growth, I do not think that he presents a scientifically sound argument to support his view. The most notable flaws of his already weak argument are

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In spite of the fact that he presents quotes and statistical data from other mentioned sources, none of them are referenced. His position immediately loses credibility in the absence of such important links;

The lack of reference material also makes it very hard to distinguish between apparent facts and Mr. Simon’s own opinions;

The fact that Mr. Simon is an economist by training adds further heavy bias to his position, especially when many economists like to take the position that the market is sufficient and strong enough to deal with all problems, including environmental ones. Mr. Simon may not be the ultimate authority on the issue of population growth as his views are business oriented; and

He does not even attempt to present the position of environmentalists, scientists, or population growth experts, which would enable the reader to make his or her own judgement of the situation. Such a complex issue as the one being discussed cannot be solved simply by the market. As we know, everything on the planet is interconnected one way or another, hence solutions are a combination of many inter-related factors.

In summary, Mr. Simon’s essay is presented in such a way that it appears to convey to the reader that his position, and a very subjective one at that, is absolutely correct. I think that this bears a hint of arrogance. He does not give the reader all the facts or even sufficient references to backup his own position. He takes the liberty of discarding the other side’s position, which is not good science. Every situation has two sides and the reader should have insight to both. A credible article would have presented both sides of the argument and allowed the reader to draw his own conclusions.

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