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Manipulative Techniques Do Marketing Wonders

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Manipulative Techniques Can Do Marketing Wonders

“Howdy, friend”…directly draws ones attention to this advertisement with a welcoming attitude that may interest or attract you in some way or another. Coca-Cola gets your attention by using techniques which are clearly defined. As I start to analyze this advertisement, I think of a soldier and and his qualities as opposed to just the promotion or marketing of Coca-Cola. The scale of the soldier is much larger than the small road sign with the message that Coca-Cola is trying to get across to its audience. While analyzing this ad further, I realize the many American values portrayed in this ad. Overall, the main point Coca-Cola is trying to make is that they support the war, while marketing their product as well.

While trying to reason and analyze this advertisement, I find that Coca-Cola does a very good job in correlating both the soldier and Coca-Cola. My eye instantly drew to the soldier. This American soldier symbolizes many things as opposed to just someone that is fighting for our country. American values such as patriotism is very strongly suggested. Patriotism clearly defined is an American soldier who loves and defends his or her country. Coca-Cola also does a very well in correlating the two when the little guy states, “I’m loyal to quality.” This works well because when Americans think of a soldier, they think of him as being loyal to his country. They are faithful individuals that are constant in both devotion and regard. Therefore, the statement works well in accomplishing the message for both Coca-Cola and the promotion of service in our country. Other American values that stand out clearly in correlation to the Coca-Cola product are trust, power, strength, protection and determination. Coca-Cola makes it clear in their message when saying, “When you drink ice-cold Coca-Cola, you know it’s the real thing.” The company feels strongly that their product is the very best, and they trust in their product.

From day to day, soldiers are faced with many scenarios or problems that they need to resolve. Once they reason through a problem, they take steps to resolve it, which then leads them to being rewarded in some way or another. This works well because it looks as if the soldier has been working hard. While wiping his forehead, the soldier looks as if he is thinking about how refreshed he would be if he could just have a Coke. This impression was interpreted because he has a huge smile on his face, while staring in a gaze at the Coca-Cola sign. As for the main center of attention, the soldier puts out strong vibes and many people want to be like him. The soldier stands out because he is very fit and many others want to try to be like him. This may persuade them into drinking Coca-Cola. Therefore, this strong ad brings things such as the marketing aspect which will come on its own due to the correlation within the advertisement. For example, this may bring more and more clientele because many people look up to heroes and want to be like them.

Custom Essays on Manipulative Techniques Do Marketing Wonders

Once Coca-Cola starts to draw an audiences attention, many different age groups are targeted. Most likely, the “howdy, friend,” directly speaks to teenagers and young adults in their twenties. From here, the soldier may symbolize and relate with men or women his age and most definitely veterans who have already served and know what it is like to see something from home on the side of the road. If one sees a symbol of something that represents the feeling of home, it may comfort them in some way or another. Secondly, the little guy definitely attracts the little kids who may have a father who is fighting in the war. They want to grow up and be just like their dad that is fighting for his country. Therefore, the younger generation will want to drink Coca-Cola. Women relate to this picture because their husbands were away and the little guy reminds them of their family. Overall attraction to the picture may target a variety of people but strongly to a large group of women. Also during this time, there weren’t many women fighting in the war. Coca-Cola does a good job of swaying and manipulating your mind by tweaking the situation piece by piece.

Coca-Cola definitely tries to promote and sell their delicious great tasting soft drink. One thing they do well is reach out to their foreign countries in which they benefit from. Soldiers do not usually walk around in the states in their uniform with their rifles, therefore, it promotes international marketing in a round about way. According to Coca-Cola, seventy percent of its income comes from countries outside the United States. After analyzing the picture more, I think about the background in which it looks like the American soldier is in a foreign country. So as stated above, Coca-Cola targets many people, but they may also be trying to reach out to their foreign clientele.

Coca-Cola defines their message very clearly, and they put it together in such a way that could catch the eye of many citizens. Three things that drew my attention most were definitely the bright red sign, the soldier’s eyes, and the placement of geometry. According to the Association of Mathematics, they state that shapes help the advertiser grab the readers’ eye. Therefore, the reader is drawn to the main point of the message. Coca-Cola has manipulated its audience by not only promoting service in America but also selling their product using the American values that have been long withheld.

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