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Personal Goals

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Personal Goals

As a 7 year old working adult I understand the importance of having an education. Working full time and taking care of your family makes it challenging to succeed in a higher education. Educational goals should make it easier to obtain the levels of achievement you want to reach in school. This makes going back to school less stressful and more fun. Having personal goals outs your educational goals in perspective. Understanding your values or choices will help you set your personal goals.

You will experience a stronger drive to achieve if you build goals around what is important to you, like obtaining a higher level of education. I feel that a person really has to be focused in setting and achieving there personal goals. In my experience of trying to set personal goals in the past I found it to be very difficult to succeed at that. The reason for that was because I lacked the focus and the drive to be successful at that task.

One of my personal goals that I want to work on and achieve in as a University of Phoenix student is self-esteem. I’ve had low self-esteem basically all of my school life. During my early school days, it was difficult for me to focus at the task of learning. My so-called friends would tell me that I wasn’t cool enough or the girls would tell me that I wasn’t cute enough. It really tore my self-esteem down. One of my teachers once told me that “a positive self-esteem is both a prerequisite and a consequence of academic success.” Of course I didn’t know what he was talking about or what this even had to do with me. Now that I’m older and more mature, I do understand what he was talking about.

Another personal goal of mine is motivation. Having positive self-esteem helps a person to become motivated. With my low or negative self-esteem I also lacked motivation when I was in school. Since I wasn’t cool or cute enough, I wasn’t motivated to pursue my education. I want it to please others. I was motivated to please them, but not motivated to gain knowledge. Education at the time was not a priority of mine. With the atmosphere here at U.O.P, that lack of motivation will quickly turn into a rush of motivation.

Achievement is another personal goal. To achieve is to do successfully. I never achieved anything worth while in school, Because of the lack of a positive attitude and motivation. The word achievement also means accomplishment and the University of Phoenix has the resources to help me accomplish my goal. To graduate is my ultimate goal and to be able to have the opportunity to achieve that is truly a blessing.

One of my other personal goals that I want to achieve in is procrastination. People procrastinate because they don’t believe in their ability to complete a task or don’t believe in themselves in general. I procrastinated a lot in school. Assignments I had to do, I put of until the last minute and still didn’t finish them in time. That’s something that I want to achieve in breaking while I’m here at this University. It can hinder you in so many ways in your efforts to seek a higher education.

The second to last personal goal of mine is time management. Unlike high school, college requires students to spend much more time studying outside of class. In high school, I could get away with two-hour test preparation time or with writing a research paper in an hour or two. Not so in college. The main reason in managing time is to provide structure to my life and, in turn, piece of mind. So as my time management skills improve I feel that I would have less stressful situations resulting from procrastination here at the University of Phoenix.

My last personal goal is confidence. Confidence is trust, reliance and assurance. I had hardly any confidence in my ability to handle certain subjects which led to me procrastinating. For example, my weakest subject in school (and still is) is math. With me having no confidence no assurance that I can handle and overcome this task, it leads me to failing that subject. To gain confidence is my last personal goal that I want to achieve here at the University of Phoenix.

With my personal goals of achievement in order self-esteem, motivation, achievement, procrastination, time management, and confidence I ‘am ready to take on the challenge of being a student at the University of Phoenix. With my religious beliefs, morals, and values intact, I ‘am excited about conquering my fears about school and achieving my ultimate goal which is graduation.

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