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Plant Hormones

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Plant Hormones are any of various hormones produced by plants that control or regulate germination, growth, metabolism, or other physiological activities. Also called phytohormone.

There are many different types of plant hormones, such as; Auxins, Giberellins, Ethylene, Cytokinetins, Florigen, and Abscisic acid.

The fucnctions and description of Abscisic acid follows.

Stimulates the closure of stomata (water stress brings about an increase in ABA synthesis). It inhibits shoot growth but will not have as much affect on roots or it might even promote growth of roots. Induces seeds to synthesize storage proteins.

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Inhibits the affect of gibberellins on stimulating de novo synthesis of a-amylase. Has some effect on induction and maintanance of dormancy. Induces gene transcription especially for proteinase inhibitors in response to wounding which may explain an apparent role in pathogen defense.

The functions of Auxins are Stimulates cell elongation,

stimulates cell division in the cambium and, in combination with cytokinins in tissue culture, stimulates differentiation of phloem and xylem, stimulates root initiation on stem cuttings and lateral root development in tissue culture, mediates the tropistic response of bending in response to gravity and light.

The auxin supply from the apical bud suppresses growth of lateral buds, delays leaf senescence. Can inhibit or promote (via ethylene stimulation) leaf and fruit abscission. It Can induce fruit setting and growth in some plants. Involved in assimilate movement toward auxin by an effect on phloem transport. It Delays fruit ripening, promotes flowering in Bromeliads, stimulates growth of flower parts, promotes femaleness in dioecious flowers, and stimulates the production of ethylene at high concentrations.

The function of Cytokinetins are stimulates cell division.

Stimulates morphogenesis in tissue culture. Stimulates the growth of lateral buds-release of apical dominance. Stimulates leaf expansion resulting from cell enlargement. May enhance stomatal opening in some species. Promotes the conversion of etioplasts into chloroplasts via stimulation of chlorophyll synthesis.

The function of Giberellins are stimulate stem elongation by stimulating cell division and elongation. Stimulates bolting/flowering in response to long days. Breaks seed dormancy in some plants which require stratification or light to induce germination. Stimulates enzyme production (a-amylase) in germinating cereal grains for mobilization of seed reserves.

Induces maleness in dioecious flowers. Can cause seedless fruit development. Can delay senescence in leaves and citrus fruits.

The function of Ethylene are Stimulates the release of dormancy. Stimulates shoot and root growth and differentiation.

May have a role in adventitious root formation. Stimulates leaf and fruit abscission. Stimulates Bromiliad flower induction.

Induction of femaleness in dioecious flowers. Stimulates flower opening. Stimulates flower and leaf senescence. Stimulates fruit ripening.

There is not much known of Florigen. Some do not believe it really exists. Others say that it induces flowering.

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