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Attention Deficit Disorder

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The following is poem that was written by an Alabama student before being identified and receiving services for ADD.

Teenage Empty

The complications of life are closing in,

Sitting here in the dark room.

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Nobody can change what happend back then,

Sweeping away my life like a broom.

We see what weve done and truly regret,

Knowing we cant go back to before.

We try so hard but cant seem to forget,

Losing when you have no more.

We tried to laugh and we really cried,

We act toward others like nothing is wrong.

The pain is ripping on the inside,

To hide our feeling for much too long.

So off into the place called alone,

Weve been there already for years.

Where we are going is still unknown,

For we sit and drown in our tears.

Im going to discuss a very real but usually overlooked disorder of children called Attention Deficit Disorder, commonly known as ADD.

I want you to try and imagine two ditches--each ten feet long and two feet deep and exactly alike. One ditch was dug with a shovel and one was dug with a spoon. You point at the two ditches and say, Dont tell me you cant dig that ditch with a spoon. Theres the proof. You could do it if only you would! And, youre right. It can be done, but youve overlooked one small detail. How much time and effort it took to dig that ditch with a spoon.

This is like comparing a child with ADD to an average child. A child with ADD can do the work, but they have to push themselves twice as hard; thus leading to low self-esteem from years of failure.

ADD is a chemical imbalance affecting about 5 percent of all schoolage children and about percent of all adults. The symptoms are inattention, distractibility, trouble following directions, hyperactivity, mood swings, acting before thinking, losing things easily, depession, daydreaming a great deal, and acting meek or not speaking out in self-defence.

However, ADD is an hereditary physiological problem that can be treated successfully through medication. The most widely prescribed medications are Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Cylert (stimulants given for hyperactivity). Tofranil or Imipramine are the medications given to children who have reached puberty and to adults.

The best treatment for ADD is education. Learning about ADD and supporting yur child, not ridiculing him/her. Counseling for both child and parent is available. Parent training, to learn understanding and help in not denying the problem, is essential. Parents need to learn about the medication and the side-effects. Remember, medication is not a cure, only a help-mate.

Medication brings the brain to acceptable levels by increasing the production of a neurotransmitter in the brain, thus increasing attention. This enables the student to learn, but the school system has to do its part. Trained teachers are employed at each school to help children with learning problems. Parent/school collaboration is very important. Parents need to get involved and stay involved. Help educate the teachers, if necessary.

ADD is a real problem and it can be devastating to a child. These children are often misunderstood. They are quiet often made to feel dumb and are thought to be lazy or just not trying. In most cases, this is not true. The public schools are learning more and more about ADD. If your child has ADD, work with the school system. They are there to help. They are not your enemy.

As parents, we have only a few goals for our childern; That they learn how to learn, how to communicate, how to concentrate, how to get information, how to feel deeply, and how to act wisely. Many people feel that parents of children with disabilities or problems have unrealistic expectations for their children. But like any parent, we only expect our children to be all that they can be.

Barbara Sanders.

Mother of a Child with ADD

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