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Breaker Morant

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In the movie, Breaker Morant Lord Kitchener is as guilty as war crimes as Morant, Handcock, and Witton. Morant, Handcock and Witton are all found guilty of war crimes, for killing many men without having a fair trail and making sure that they were killing these men for the right reason.

These men were placed on trail because of the war crimes they had committed. Once Germans found out that one of their missionary’s were killed, Lord Kitchener was fearful that they would enter the war causing more death, so they put the men on trail for the murder of the missionary.

Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant was found guilty for killing a Boer prisoner. The Boer that he had killed by his soldiers was the man he believes to have killed his to be brother-in-law and a close friend, Captain Hunt. Morant made his felling quiet clear to the audience when he made a remark after something Witton had said. Witton asked him if he killed the prisoner out of pure revenge and anger, Morant said maybe I did, who knows. Morant knew what he was doing was the wrong thing but he wanted Captain Hunts death revenged.

Peter Handcock was also apart of these war crimes he was put on trail for killing a German missionary who Breaker believed had been talking to the prisoners and was going to tell the Germans how the Boers were treated. Handcock also killed prisoners in cold blood for no reason, expect for, those were the orders that they had been given.

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Witton was another who was found guilty of killing a prisoner who was about to attack him. The prisoner went for Witton when he had his back turned and when Handcock yelled out he turned around and shot the prisoner in the stomach. Unfortunately, for Witton he killed the prisoner but it was either Witton life or the prisoners.

Lord Kitchener was never found guilty of war crimes but made it obviously that he was a large part of the death of these men. Lord Kitchener killed two men, Morant and Handcock. Although he did not shot them himself, he had them shot just as Morant did to the prisoners he was convicted of killing. These three men did not get a fair trail and yet two of them were killed for their actions. These men did not get a fair trail and yet they still were killed, did Lord Kitchener get away with this unfair act because he was the head of the army? Kitchener should have been put on trail for his actions; although at least these three men got a trail, they did not get a fair trail as some may argue.

In conclusion all these men Kitchener, Morant and Handcock were all apart of war crimes and committing them, so why should two died but one survive? As was said before these men were put on trail for the murder of the missionary the army wanted to make it look like they had paid for what they had done, but the ironic part of the movie is, is that the one murder they were put on trail for they were acquitted of. Which only leaves one explanation of why Handcock was killed and that is, he killed prisoners without giving them a fair trail and if that is the case then Kitchener should be shot for killing prisoners without a fair trail.

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