Monday, December 26, 2011

capital square

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Good morning ms Crawford and class. The company

I am going to talk about today is called Capitol Square

Hotel, situated on the corner of George & Campbell

Sts, City. Capitol Square Hotel is a private company

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that provides accommodation services to tourists

visiting Sydney. It is a standard ½ star national

heritage listed boutique hotel with 4 guest rooms,

including a Jade Terrace restaurant which offers

breakfast and dinner. The hotel is in the quinary

industry and it does not have any other branches

outside of Sydney. The prime function of Capitol

Square is to provide accommodation services and

meals for tourists visiting Sydney and it’s mission

statement is to offer and provide the best accommo

dation services to guests and while ensuring that they

have the best experience while staying at Capitol

Square. The business goals of the hotel include finan

cial, social and personal goals. Financial goals, the

hotel aims to achieve a net profit of 0% increase per

year as well as a ROI of $100,000 each year for its

owner while retaining a steady profitability and full

hotel occupancy. Its social goals are to be well estab

lished and recognised among the public and to provide

employment, training, services and benefits to the

community. Providing continuous employment and

job satisfaction for staff as well as aiming to move

towards a more family-oriented business in the near

future are the main personal goals for the hotel. The

areas of research I have chosen to research are

finance & accounting, historical background and employ

ment relations. Finance & accounting. The hotel produces

main types of financial records. They include balance

sheets, profit & loss statements and bank registers, which

are similar to a cash flow statement. The 00 financial

records showed signs where the company was making a

negative profit, that is, operating at a very low gear and

high liquidity, however in 00 the financial statements

revealed that the hotel performed relatively better compared

with the previous year, with a net profit of $60000 in June

contrasted with a loss of $6000 in the same time last year.

Historical background, Capitol Square Hotel went through

the stages of establishment, development, receivership

and renewal during its lifecycle. The hotel was originally

named Gold Spear Hotel after a company in China called

Gold Spear Ltd invested a substantial amount of money

into an old property in the City. After the establishment

of the hotel in August 1 with considerable expan

sion, it began to operate at a loss, and following the

collapse of Gold Spear Ltd, Gold Spear Hotel was forced to be

put on receivership by the Commonwealth Bank until

in April 00 it was brought under a new private owner

ship. The bank cleared all debts and the company was

renamed as Capitol Square Hotel from May 00 onwards.

Employment relations, the hotel is covered by a enterprise

Agreement award called the Motels, Accommodation and

Resorts Award, which sets out the minimum rates of pay

and conditions of employment applying to all employees

at Capitol Square, it covers areas such as annual leave,

remuneration and termination of employment, which both

the employer and employees must abide to. The hotel’s

organizational chart is a functional structure, with only

management levels as the chain of command. As the hotel

is a small business the low hierarchy creates more effec

tive and efficient communication between each level of

management. The span of control is centralised, with 15

employees working under one manager. The hotel also

has OHS regulations set in place, which sets out all the

safe workplace practices for employers as well as

employees, ensuring that Capitol Square is under a

hazard-free and injury-free workplace environment.

At present the hotel is seeking further growth and

profit and is currently renowned as being the best-

valued international standard hotel in the City area.

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