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Dracula Feminism

Dracula was written By Bram Stoker in 187. The story takes place in the 1th century, the Victorian era. Victorian women were all expected to act and socialize a certain way. All women were supposed to be pure and serve men. Once they were married they were to be motherly and nurturing. However, during this time Feminism was beginning to be introduced; it was not called feminism then they were called new women. The new women were mostly viewed as masculine. The stereotypical new woman had short hair and wore masculine clothing. They also participated in masculine habits, such as smoking cigars and riding bicycles. The novel, Dracula, plays with the idea of gender roles in the 1th century. Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray are the main focus of the gender confusion. When Dracula punctures the women, a trance comes over them. Instead of being the normal feminine women that they were, they begin to act more masculine. They try to “seduce” men and act very voluptuous. This is more apparent in Lucy than in Mina. Dracula was able to get in Lucy more than he was able to get to Mina. Lucy ended up going after children. Once Van Hesling, Jonathan Harker, John Seward, Authur Holmwood, and Quincy Morris caught view of that they knew that they had to put an end to her. She was acting completely opposite of how an English Victorian woman was suppose to behave. They drove a stake through her heart, put garlic in her mouth and cut her head off. Mina was more fortunate that the men were able to get a hold of Dracula before he got to her. She was not as big as a threat as Lucy. Before Lucy was even put in a trance by Dracula, she was already beginning to go against what the typical “normal” English woman was like. She had received three proposals and said that she wished she could marry all three. Lucy was also very beautiful and enticing. Mina was just about the perfect woman. She was learning how to type as well as short hand in order to help her husband.

Bram Stoker does a good job at being loyal to the values of the English. At the end of the book he makes everything as it should be. The men conquered the evil Dracula and put an end to Lucy acting masculine and voluptuous. Once Dracula was killed Mina recovered and returned to her normal perfect womanhood. Jonathan and Mina ended up marrying each other and having a son. They were a role-model of how families were supposed to be.

I believe that Stoker felt a need to demonstrate how things should be. It seems that he must have been against the “new women.” Stoker wanted things to be how they always were. He wrote a novel that was interesting to read, yet that voiced his opinion on how England should be.

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It seemed to be clever in the fact that he showed the other side of new women. He did not just come out straight forward and talk about the new women or about the “normal” English woman. Readers were expected to get the message by reading in between the lines. Stoker showed how things were going disguising and how they ought to be. It was a well written novel that made its message clear.

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