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“What do you think about this book, Alex?” I asked ask I browsed around the adequately stocked bookstore.

“Don’t change the topic, Jimmy,” Alex gave a resentful frown, obviously crossed. “I really think you ought to have a girlfriend by now.”

“We come here to buy books, not to talk about love affairs,” I protested, still looking at the book.

“But you are 5 already, Jimmy,” Alex insisted. “Make hay while the sun shines. Well, look at Neil and me. We have our own children already but you are still a bachelor.”

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Neil and Alex are my best buddies. We had been classmates since we studied in kindergarten. Nevertheless, they were all married long before.

“It’s for your own good,” he added. I kept silent, as I did not know what to say. Love could not pop out suddenly in the air, I thought.

As we shuffled to the counter, I was reading the book enthusiastically and did not see someone ahead of me. Then bang! A fairly young girl with a mass of flowing auburn hair greeted my sight, that was, with books scattering on the floor. She had a gaunt, flawless milk-coffee face with sparkling, sultry eyes that was as amiable as a fairy.

“I’m sorry,” she said, flashing a charming smile at me.

There were a few awkward moments before I was aware of my surroundings again. I apologised on my part and I was down on my knees momentarily and helped her to collect her books on the floor. Then a book entitled ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ caught my sight.

“So you read the Harry Potter’s series of books?” I asked, excited.

“Yeah,” She replied shyly. “These stories are very interesting.”

“Look, I’m reading the same book as you do,” I said, thrilled.

And so we conversed together about books and found out that we were very compatible. She also told me her name was Kelly Jones and I introduced myself in return. Finally, I tried to invite her to dinner.

“Well, I - em - am thinking of � em - that if you would � em…” I stammered uncontrollably.

“Join you for dinner tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

“7.0 at night?”


“At Palais Royal Restaurant?”


See you till then.”


As I bade her goodbye, I experienced a mysterious feeling that I could not tell exactly what it was. It was a mixture of glee and exhilaration - and something else. Perhaps I had really fallen in love for the very first time! Indeed, love CAN pop out suddenly in the air.

“Looks like Jimmy my man is in love so soon,” Alex said jokingly.

“Cut it out,” I denied. Nonetheless, I think he was right for once.

Soon enough, Kelly and I got to know each other fairly well. I could feel our love for one another was getting deeper and deeper. Ever day, even every single second when she was not with me, my heart ached as if there was something missing in my heart. Finally, when the time was right, I invited her to a high-class French restaurant and she accepted the invitation.

That night, she was impeccably dressed in tight black leggings and leotard topped by a vividly striped yellow tunic top that emphasised her height. Matching with her high-heeled toe-peepers with ankle straps, I must confess that she looked like an angel and no one else could possibly compare with her beauty � her lips as red as rose and her hair as fine as gold. As for me, I wore severely conservative dark grey suit - but most importantly - with a yellow ribbon. Though we had known each other for only about two months, I knew her favourite colour was yellow. Perhaps yellow resembled her personality � cheerful and exultant at all times.

Suitable with my motive, the restaurant was well ventilated and tastefully decorated with decorative ornaments, In fact, the place looked like a Christmas tree with fancy decorations everywhere. With a diamond ring and a bouquet of roses in my hands, I recollect my composure and said,

“Kelly, marry me.”

She was completely taken by surprise. Her faded blue eyes went wide with astonishment � and a little gleeful, of course.

“Oh Jimmy, I don’t know what to say,” she exclaimed as she embraced me with suppressed happiness. For a moment or so, we were oblivious to our surroundings and we allowed the power of our love to drift us along to another world full of wonders.

“Why a girl from a poor family like me?” She asked inquiringly.

“Because I love you” was my gentle reply.

The next day, I brought Kelly to my house to introduce her to my parents. At first, everything went on quite well, or so I thought. My parents welcomed the good news that we were going to get married. However, luck was not with me. Unfortunately, when they knew that her father was nothing but a mere poor peasant in her village, they became ballistic. I could see that they were incandescent with boiling outrage and their sudden aloofness quickly evolved into genuine fury.

“You are not to marry her unless I say so,” my father shrieked sternly. “And I disagree about the marriage with this poor, low-profiled family.”

Tears could be seen glistening in Kelly’s eyes, followed by shrill wails. My father not only had hurt her feelings; he also despised her and pulled down her family’s image and reputation. Deeply disappointed, she dashed out of my house without another word. The dwindling flame of her enthusiasm went out with an ignominious puff of smoke.

“Dad, why do you…” My voice trailed off.

“Son, you deserve a much better wife, not a poor, indigent girl…”

I did not wait to listen to him but I chased Kelly instead. At that moment, my heart sank back to its normal low spot in my chest. I just could not understand why parents always discriminate one’s family background. Just then, I heard something. Something very terrifying. Something that was enough to kill me ten times. I could hear the sound of screeching brakes growing louder till it become almost deafening. It rose, wordless until it stung at my bones and shrivelled the flesh.

Bang! A piercing cry of gnawing horror escaped my throat as I saw Kelly lying in the middle of the road. My heart plummeted like a revved-up V-8 engine as icy cold sweat streaked my face. My normal patterns of thought vanished and my whole nervous system and instincts whirred overdrive.

“Keeeelly!” I uttered a dreadful cry of terror.

Suddenly, an acute devastating ache clenched my stomach, causing me to blink ceaselessly. Taken completely by surprise, I felt a bizarre urge to burst into tears, but regardless how hard I tried, I failed to fight my emotions down. Without realising it, I began weeping copiously, springing tears to my eyes.

“Keeeelly!” My shriek echoed in the whole vicinity.

An overpowering odour of medicine attacked my nostrils, but it did not matter now. As I sat by Kelly’s side near the bed, looking at her sallow face, I sang out the song ‘What Makes You Different’ earnestly.

“Regardless of how poor you are, you will always be special to me,” I whispered in her ears, sobbing noisily. “Although you couldn’t be my wife, you are already my wife in my heart.”

I saw a slight change on the electrocardiograph (ECG), followed by a low, continuous drawl.


As her body was buried under an oak tree, I bow down at her.

“May our eternal flame of love last forever,” I whispered in the wind.

And I tied a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.

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