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International Involvement: 1980's

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International Involvement 180s

Starting in the 10s, under the Hoover Administration, the United States practiced an isolationist policy, a national policy of abstaining from political or economic entanglements with other countries. After Hoover left office, the presidents after him did not keep going along with this policy. Instead, they started to dive into political and economic entanglements with other countries. Presidents were very hesitant about doing so. For example, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was very hesitant about joining World War II until it affected them directly. After that war, the United States was ready to get involved in international affairs because during the war, so many people’s lives were taken because of the hesitation the United States went through in deciding whether or not to join the war. Many countries such as Cuba and the Soviet Union hated that the United States was becoming involved internationally and tried to stop them. The United States did take a break from international affairs because they felt that innocent lives were being taken for a reason that did not affect them directly. Starting with the 180s, under the Reagan Administration, one could not keep the United States out of other countries’ entanglements. During the 180s, the United States did not practice the isolationist policy because the world looked at the United States as the worldwide police.

One event in which the United States was seen as the worldwide police was in 18, when Israeli forces invaded Lebanon. The Reagan Administration attempted to reduce the level of fighting in Lebanon in the early 180s. In June 18, Israel had invaded Lebanon to attack military bases of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO is the political representative of Palestinian Arabs, many of whom fled from Israeli-controlled territory during the Arab-Israeli war of 148 and became refugees in Lebanon. PLO forces in Lebanon had been attacking settlements in Israel. In August 18, the United States helped arrange for the withdrawal of PLO units from Lebanon. It later sent several United States Marine Corps units to join an international peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

Another event in which the United States was seen as the worldwide police was in 18, when Reagan ordered the invasion of the Caribbean Island of Grenada after Grenadian rebels over threw the island’s government. Soldiers from six other Caribbean nations helped defeat the rebels. Reagan said the invasion was needed to protect the innocent lives of Americans who were in Grenada, including almost six hundred students at Saint George’s University School of Medicine. Reagan also said Cuba planned to use Grenada as a military base which he could not let happen.

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During 184, the United States took part in yet another event that made them be seen as the worldwide police. This event involved rebellions in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The rebellions in Nicaragua and El Salvador became another major concern of the Reagan Administration during 184. Cuba and the Soviet Union were giving war materials to the government of Nicaragua and the rebels in El Salvador to build up their alliances. The United States, in turn, sent advisers and military equipment to the government of Nicaragua and the rebels in El Salvador to build up its allies. The United States did this to make sure that military forces around the world were on the same level.

The United States involvement in international affairs during the 180s show that they no longer practice an isolationist policy. From trying to keep peace in Lebanon to keeping military forces on the same level, the United States was policing the world. Till this day, the United States is still doing its job as the worldwide police, especially in the Middle East. From making sure nuclear weapons are not used to keeping the peace in Iraq, the United States still keeps its non-isolationist policy.

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