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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 7, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria. He was the son of Leopold Mozart, a highly regarded violinist and composer in the court orchestra of the Archbishop of Salzburg, and Anna Maria. Many people consider Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to be the greatest composer of all time. Although he only lived to be thirty-five years, he wrote an enormous amount of music in all most all the forms and styles of his era. During the classical era, a composer was considered to be more like a servant rather than an artist, but Mozart helped to change that perception by working as a “freelance” musician, performing and composing music independently rather than working for a patron. In 157, Leopold Mozart became the court and chamber composer of the Archbishop of Salzburg. His wife, Anna Maria, was nothing more than a simple housewife. Together, Leopold and Anna Maria had seven children, but only two of them survived. The two surviving children were Maria Anna (also known as Nannerl) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Nannerl began to play the piano when she was seven, and she was very talented in her own right, but three-year old Wolfgang began to teach himself some of those pieces. It didn’t take too long for Leopold to realize that young Wolfgang was a child prodigy. With the help of his father and his older sister Maria Anna, Mozart began to apply and utilize his special talents. At the age of five, Mozart wrote his first piece of music without the help of his father. At the age of seven, Wolfgang began to compose music as he played it. Leopold realized the financial gain that Nannerl’s talents and

especially Wolfgang’s talents could bring him so in 176 Wolfgang and his sister were taken to Munich and Vienna to perform in front of royalty. From 176 to 1766, Leopold

along with Anna Maria took Wolfgang and Maria Anna on an extended concert tour of Western Europe. During this time, Mozart completed his first symphony and published his first sonata. In 1768, Mozart completed his first opera, which was called La finta semplice (The Simple Pretense) and his first German operetta, Bastien und Bastienne. In the following year, the archbishop of Salzburg appointed Mozart his concertmaster. From 176 to 177, Mozart along with his father made three trips to Italy, and during that time Mozart wrote several operas, symphonies, string quartets, and sacred works. Also during that time, the pope made Mozart a knight of the Order of the Golden Spur.0

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The adult life of Mozart was somewhat a result of his childhood relationship with his father Leopold. As a child, Mozart had no freedom because of his father’s control over him.1 In 1777, Mozart experienced his first sense of freedom when he took his first trip without his domineering father (only his mother accompanied in the trip). Unlike the previous trips, this trip was not a concert tour; the purpose of this trip was to find a secure job for Mozart. They searched in places such as Munich, Augsburg, and Mannheim but ended up unsuccessful. While in Mannheim, Mozart fell in love with a girl named Aloysia Weber, and he wrote a letter to his father saying that he was considering ending his job search in order to take Aloysia to Italy so she could establish her career as a singer. Leopold became angry at Mozart’s idea and eventually convinced him to go to Paris and find a job.4 In 1778, the trip continued on to Paris, but tragedy struck when Mozart’s mother became ill and passed away. Devastated by the loss of his mother,

Mozart returned to Salzburg and settled for the post of organist and Concertmaster of the Archbishop Collerdo.5 However, before his return to Salzburg, Mozart went to see

Aloysia, but when he saw her she informed him that she was no longer interested in him.6 In January 177, Mozart made his return to Salzburg with no mother and girlfriend. Mozart didn’t enjoy working for Archbishop Collerdo, in fact, Mozart had resigned from the same job nearly two years ago.7 The reason why the Archbishop let Mozart have his job back was because of Leopold’s persuasion. The relationship between Archbishop Collerdo and Mozart became even worse than two years before. The Archbishop treated Mozart like a servant, and he only allowed him to give concerts at his command. Since he couldn’t perform concerts for other people or go on concert tours, Mozart couldn’t make extra money.8 As a result, Mozart began to slack off on his job and was later fired and physically kicked out of the presence of the Archbishop. After his firing, Mozart departed from Salzburg and went to Vienna. In Vienna, Mozart became a “free-lance” musician, and he fell in love with Aloysia’s sister, Constanze Weber0. In August 178, Mozart married Constanze Weber, despite opposition from his father. Wolfgang and Constanze had six children, but only two of them survived. Both Mozart and his wife were foolish when it came to managing finances and as a result their family lived in poverty.1

From 1781 to 171, Mozart began to compose many of his most impressive works; this period of time was also the last decade of Mozart’s life. The works that Mozart composed during this time period were so highly regarded that many of them are considered masterpieces. In November 171, Mozart became ill, and he died on

December 5, 171 due to kidney failure. His death was very unfortunate because he was

only thirty-five years old. Surprisingly, Mozart’s funeral was not a huge ceremony as most people would expect, and he was buried in a common, unmarked grave.4

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived during the Classical Era, which was from 1750-1800. The music of the Classical Era focused on human intellect and reasoning. In fact, human reasoning was essentially the god of the Classical Era. “Most of the music during the classical era was absolute music, music composed for the sake of music alone with no special story attached to it.”5 Mozart heavily influenced the classical era by producing numerous works in all the musical genres of the classical era, and he brought the classical style to its highest development. “By the time Mozart died at age 5, he had completed 41 symphonies, 7 piano concertos, string quartets, 17 piano sonatas, 7 major operas, and numerous works for voice and other instruments.”6 The Classical Era’s influence on

Mozart can be seen by the lively contrast of themes, symmetry of forms, and the use of absolute music in Mozart’s music.7 I found two recordings of Mozart’s, and I actually enjoyed them. The two recordings that I found were Sonata in A minor, KV 10, Movement 1 and Sonata in C, KV 545, Movement 1. I enjoyed the change of pace in

Sonata in A minor, KV 10, Movement 1, and I found Sonata in C, KV 545, Movement 1 to be very soothing and relaxing. Even though Mozart’s maturity as a man can be questioned, His musical genius is simply unparalleled. He was perhaps the greatest musician and composer of all time.

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