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Heinz is the thickest ketchup out of both trials. Hunts was the second thickest while Del Monte was the thinnest. I observed that the ketchup could drip by itself at times, but I had to encourage it to drip by sticking a knife in it or squeezing it to finish the experiment. I also noticed that when I stuck a knife or squeezed the ketchup it affected mainly the Del Monte and Hunts, which proves Heinz is the thickest ketchup.

The results support my hypothesis that Heinz is the thickest ketchup out of the three brands, because it didn’t drip out as fast as the other brands. I learned that Heinz was the thickest ketchup even when I squeezed or stuck a knife into the ketchup bottle, but if I did that to the other two brands the ketchup came running out. Later I would see if the shape of the bottle caused the results to change by putting the Heinz ketchup in the Del Monte bottle.

Which ketchup is the thickest out of Heinz, Del Monte, and Hunts?

If three different ketchups are tipped over, then Heinz will be the thickest and will come out slower. I’ve come to this conclusion, because at the top of the bottle where there is no ketchup it was less watery and there are a lot more ingredients in Heinz so it’s more compacted than the other two.

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In order to carry out my ketchup experiment I need

1. Three different, 4 ounce ketchup bottles (Heinz, Hunts, and Del Monte)

. A ketchup turning device

. A knife

4. A surface to do the experiment on

5. A clock or watch

6. Three plastic containers

1. Get out all your materials and place them where your experiment will be taking place

. Shake each bottle three times upside down then turn back over and tap the top of each ketchup bottle five times

. Attach bottles of ketchup to ketchup turning device and place containers under them

4. Remove caps and seals from ketchup bottles

5. Turn ketchup bottles over, so they’re straight in an upside down position, with ketchup turning device

6. Get your watch and start timing (recording each time and percent after you finish one action to the bottles)

7. After all of the ketchup bottles have dripped record and stick knife halfway in and do one rotation

8. Turn ketchup and ketchup turning device back to upside down position

. After ten minutes turn bottles upright and give one quick squeeze to each, so the ketchup reaches the top of the bottle, and turn upside down

10. After ten minutes change ketchup bottles to a 45 degree angle

11. Five minutes later change angle back

1. Five minutes later turn bottles upright and give one quick squeeze then turn back over

1. Five minutes later do quick squeezes (upside down) every five minutes starting with the slowest ketchup

14. Five minutes after the seven squeezes do one little squeeze and then one big squeeze

15. Five minutes later do one BIG squeeze

16. After two of the bottles are all empty record your findings

17. Repeat entire process with three new bottles of ketchup

18. Clean all of your materials up

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