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origin of the universe

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· There are main theories about the origin of the universe

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1. The big bang theory, which suggests that the universe began in an enormous explosion and galaxies are merely pieces flying outwards as a result of this, and the universe is evolving.

. The steady state theory, suggests that the universe didn’t have a single movement of creation and that the universe is static.

· The universe began 15000 mya.

· Solar systems are parts of galaxies our solar system consists of planets and is part of the Milky Way galaxy.

· Our earth was formed by homogenous mixture of gases/compounds, which then generated heat from the 1. Material accretion, . Decay of radiation material, . Proximity to the sun. Leads to increase temp, increase pressure, which leads to partial melting of planet, which lead to more dense substances moving to the core. And lighter material floating to the crust then hardening to form the crust. Then the mantle was formed gases were released from the interior to form the atmosphere. Condensation occurs and cools to form oceans. Living cells evolve.

· Life evolved from a collection of complex molecules including c, h, o and n, which combined to form a protein. Which in turn produced the 1st living cell called a Prokaryotic call (no defined nucleus) and just one cell unicellular. The first cells relied on fermentation to produce energy to survive as cells became more advanced they created their own method of making energy called photosynthesis these organism which did photosynthesis had a huge advantage over those which relied on fermentation and soon became more numerous.

· As organisms evolved so did the atmosphere an ozone was formed by o combining with o to create ozone o, then methane was removed from the atmosphere by a reaction of gases and as the boom of photosynthetic plants continued to grow so did the amount of o in the atmosphere as o is a waste product of photosynthesis the level of co also decreased as it was being used in the photosynthetic process.

· Earth climate has changed over time as the ozone was formed and co built up in the ozone which emphasised the greenhouse effect which has caused a steady rate of increase over the past 100 years

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