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Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a telecommunication system that allows a certain number of direct lines to be distributed to other telephones via the use of extensions. A business may install a PABX system and have five direct lines coming into the business. From those five lines, it may be linked to a further twenty telephones to the system using extension lines so that they are linked together. Calls within the organization/business can be transferred easily as all the phones link together. Staff can talk to each other and pass on important messages quickly and easily. Throughout this paper I will be discussing various subject of the PABX system such as its applications, hardware, software, a comparative analysis between Votel and Bizfon systems, advantages, why the PABX has emerged, and a PABX system that is ready for the future.

Since almost all PBXs are automatic, the terms Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and PABX are interchangeable. PABXs now use digital technology. PABX systems have evolved through four generations. The first generation used analog technology. It was very basic as far as features and technology. The second generation introduced stored-program control processors. The third generation was the first to support end to end digital transmission, and uses both digital and analog proprietary telephone. The fourth generation is not clearly defined yet.

PABX allows incoming calls to be answered by one person and then the call transferred to the correct person. The number of telephone lines from the public exchange is now determined by the expected maximum number of simultaneous calls, rather than the required number of telephone lines. PABX’s pay for themselves by the reduction in exchange line rental costs, the increased convience to callers, and the increased productivity of employees.

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