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In 185, Massachusetts air pollution has caused people in America to get sick by the chemicals floating in the air. Some of the chemicals are phenol, which causes cancer, and death it may also contain to cresol, ethanol, formaldehyde, ammonia and chlorine. They found 1/ of chemicals use in personnel care products like for example 884 were toxic, 778 can cause acute toxicity, 76 can cause skin and eye irritations, 76 can case biological mutation, 18 can cause reproductive complications, and 146 can cause tumors. Some people were getting sick by laundry detergents and which were very poisonous to there immune system like phosphates, chlorine bleach, sodium hypochlorite, lye, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, phenois, fillers, nitrilotriacetic and other NTA’s. It has caused reactions that burns or eat away substances which wear clothes faster and dull the fabric’s colors. In Islamabad, they also are having a problem with pollution in factories like the smoke emitting from the steel factories is full of carbon particles and toxic gases, while the waste material of the marble factories is thrown into a drain, which is creating alarming environmental hazards in the area. The residents have complained that the deadly diseases, like cancer and skin infections, are fast spreading and the increasing ratio of death in young age is also reported to have been linked to the rise in pollution in theses areas. So in conclusion it’s going to hurt the car companies because there not going to make a lot of money from us and there is going to too much pollution in the air. It’s going to get people sick so fix the cars so that it won’t put a lot of gas pollution in the air and the same goes with factories too.

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