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Questions to Ask When Hiring in ECE

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Questions to Ask When Hiring

For this concept assignment, we were to choose a position to hire for a center. I have chosen to hire for the assistant teacher position. The reason why I have chosen this position to hire for is that I think a director could get a wide range of people in to apply for the job. Some could be very well qualified while others may not have ever been around children. This of course would have a lot to do with the location of the center, what type of pay was being offered, and what benefits, if any, were tied to this position. There would have to be a very specific type of person that could thrive in an environment such as a child care center. First of course being that they love being around, interacting, and watching children.

I would place an ad in the paper and also on the CORRA website stating that an assistant teacher is needed for full time employment. I would request experience but the right person may be trained. Some of the qualities that I would put in the paper for people to consider before calling or coming into an interview would be an enthusiastic person with creative thoughts on how one might go about difficult or hard situations. Some other types of qualities that would have to absolutely necessary would be that the person has to consistent. They must be consistent in their attitude at work and they must also be consistent with their punctuality as well actually being at work. I would be sure to check all references when hiring before a second interview is even considered. If a

person does have a good record with their past jobs than why would I risk putting children in a situation where they would get to know someone for a week and then not show up anymore. (Please remember that this is in the most perfect world that I am talking about.

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Some question that I would ask the hiree would include past experiences with children. I believe that you can pick up in people by there gestures and voice, if they are interested in really working with children. You can also tell if someone is applying for all the wrong reasons. I would also ask questions about their most recent job and what problems, if any, they had with that job. The reason why I would ask these types of questions is because I think it is important to know if there were any problems with the past job. If there were any problems I think it is important to know what the potential employee considers as obstacles in the workplace. Then as a the director I could either make a decision on rather this environment would be a good place for the person applying to work or if we needed to discuss further some of the policies that would be expected to follow.

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