Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Singaporeans are too pragmatic to appreciate the finer things in life

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Singaporeans are too pragmatic to appreciate the finer things of life. Do I agree? Well, to some extent, yes. Our main mission in Singapore either to get a good job, a better post or make more money. We often do focus on the bigger picture and neglect the finer details Think about it. Do we often neglect our family members and friends when rushing to meet deadlines or reach a goal? Do we take it for granted that they are there? And when was the last time you actually stopped to admire a flower’s beauty?

In some families, parents work late nights to finish up a project, to meet a client’s needs. Sometimes, this goes to the extent that their children are not even able to catch a glimpse of them or talk to them in that day. Sometimes you think have they ever questioned their purpose of working so hard till late at night? They do it for money. They do it for a more comfortable life. They do it to bring up their children � but don’t you find them actually neglecting them instead? Most of my friends spend their time at home alone in the afternoons while their parents are out at work. Some even have to have dinner alone because their parents do not return till late at night. Why do they let their professions come first, before their families? In my opinion, being with your family and spending time with your love ones is more important and of course, more enjoyable than slogging away at work. After all, if satisfying your material needs take precedence over satisfying your emotional needs, you’re never going to be a happy person.

An example more familiar to us most of us study for the sake of taking a test. Don’t we often heave a sigh of relief after every test then conveniently forget about what we just studied as we proceed to prepare for the next test? Are we not exam-orientated in our classes? We are learning our syllabus to deal with exams. If there is any knowledge that does not concern us nor has no relevance with the upcoming test or exam that we are about to face, I doubt any of us will take the initiative to learn it. Instead, our reaction would be ah, forget it. I can’t even understand the facts in the textbook; would you expect me to remember something that has nothing to do with the test at all? We neglect the finer details, the additional information because we study for the sake of studying and not to actually learn and appreciate the subject.

In addition, if anyone asked us out for a movie or a girls’ day out, we would probably say “Sorry, I can’t, you see I have a test tomorrow” or “I have homework to do.” There is definitely no problem with studying, but sometimes we get all typically Singaporean and “kiasu” that we keep cramming ourselves with information, continuously doing questions from assessment books. Why don’t we study smart, then drop our books and relax with our friends? If we keep studying, would there ever be an end to this? Are you going to keep studying, without taking some time off homework or your books, until you graduate from your university, then continue to center your life around work? In the end, after we graduate, sure, you’ve got your degree, but do you have a social life? In my opinion, Singaporeans work too hard to enjoy friends and fellowship, as well as to appreciate the simple gifts of nature.

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Perhaps in Singapore, you can’t a place where you could sit back and enjoy the azure blue skies over an open field of wild flowers, smell the autumn breeze or admire snow capped mountains, but we could always make do with a simpler thing which is as beautiful, be it the sunset, listening to a bird tweet or just laughing and enjoying the presence of close friends. There’s still East Coast Park, Botanical Gardens or Siloso beach � The question is, do you have the time?

But, if you think about it, is it possible to not be too pragmatic yet being able to survive in our society today? I guess not. Graduates from recognized universities all over the world have to fight to get a place in a successful company, and because of this we students are all studying hard to get good marks, to later get into a good university, to build up your “brownie points” so you get an upper hand over the others. So you see, Singapore has a competitive society which somehow forces us to being pragmatic, and it is not exactly our choice. If we were given a chance, we would probably take life easier and have the time to appreciate most of the greater things in life, but if we manage our time properly and set some time for family and friends, as well as paid attention to the small but beautiful things in the world, we could actually enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate them. It is possible for our lives to actually be more meaningful.

There was once a saying � “Yesterday was the past which we cannot change, tomorrow is the future which we are unsure of. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” Should we not live each day to the fullest and appreciate every little detail in life?

Before you rush off to do something else, think about it. You could make a difference in your world.

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