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Walt Whitman is known as one of America’s greatest poets. It was the very ordinance of his life that gave him the material from which he constructed his masterpiece, Leaves of Grass. Many events in Whitman’s life helped shape a number of his writings. He reflected on his own personal experiences through his poetry. Thus, using the influences from the experiences of his life, Walt Whitman produced a new type of poetry by mixing realistic detail with his idealistic notions about American and democracy.

Through his poetry, Whitman was able to reflect on some of his life experiences. He was also able to use some of his experiences throughout his life to help shape him as a writer. As a young boy, Whitman worked as a newspaper editor. He chose to work with newspapers because he knew that they were an important institution in the development of America. His experiences of working with newspaper helped him later on as a writer. Walt Whitman was born in Long Island, New York. He used his favorite landscape, The Long Island Shore, in his poem, “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking.” Also, one of his poems was named, “Starting from Paumanok.” This was the Native American name of Long Island. Many can see, through Whitman’s works, that he was deeply influenced by his life experiences. He enjoyed writing about events in his life and this became a major theme of his. An event in Whitman’s life that helped shape a number of his poems was the Civil War. He volunteered as a nurse in the war hospitals. This gave him a unique perspective on the war. He was inspired to write a book of poems, “Drum-Taps,” which was about the devastating effects of the war and his hopes for national reconciliation. Another influence on Whitman’s writing was the death of President Abraham Lincoln. The poem, “O Captain! My Captain!” was about the assassination, and another poem, “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d,” was a reflection of Lincoln’s death. In this poem, Whitman says that each spring the blooming lilac will remind him not only of the death of Lincoln, but also the eternal return to life. The evening star, Venus, symbolizes Lincoln, who has “droop’d in the western sky” (Whitman, Leaves 0). Another influence on the writings of Whitman was his Quaker background. “From his Quaker heritage, he takes an underlying humanitarianism and mysticism” (Metzler 6). Echoing the psalms in the Bible, one can see that that the Bible also had an impact on Whitman’s writings. It is very evident that the experiences Whitman faced throughout his life deeply impacted his writing.

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