Friday, December 16, 2011

The Rise of The Homeless

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The citys people walk around stresslessly all day living their usual lives with their cushy day jobs sitting behind computers underneath refreshingly cool air conditioners that curesses their soft skin all day long. This regular cycle happens day after day for these fortunate people. Life is something that is enjoyed by all these people, all but 1 year old Jacob Nzama. For him growing up in the streets of Soweto in Africa was a glorious experience.

He awakens day after day to the blissfull smell of lumber wood burning outside as the smoke creeps through his tin structured home built by his father who past away two years ago after having a heart-attack. Jacobs mother Johannas awake this morning at four o clock. She cooks breakfast for her two children in the mornings. Jacob and his four year old sister Betty. Above their home is an atmosphere entoxicated with fumes of thick smoke all this coming from those in their so called neighbourhood. They have no electricity so their source of heat is derived from the sacrifice of lumber wood under bright orange flames. As Jacob awakens to his right is situated his most cherished pocessions, it is the bible. the bible is read constantly by him and the scent of the religious knowledge entises him day after day and gives him the urge to carry out his faith.

Today is a well antispated day for Jacob as he is on his way to the library in the big city. He is determined to study accountancy to become a well respected accountant. Jacob has to walk 15 km to get to the city but nevertheless he is anxiously awaiting it. He kisses his mother on the forehead and hugs his little sister and departs. He directs his tanned blistered hands into his perished pants pockets and heads off. Two and a half hours later he arrives at Durban city. the kaois he witnesses astonishes him as he is from a town where life is quiet. He scans the area for the library and finally spots it. About 500 m away he estimates. As he is about to enter the building he is shoved over by a tall mesomorphic figure. Cant you read boy, he points to a sign on the door at the library entrance. No coloureds allowed Jacob was furious as he rose to his feet and dusted off the dust he had accumulated on his perished clothing. Are you crazy. Out of the shed came a tall coloured man who explains the system to Jacob. He had never lived in the city before so thus he never experienced such hatred ever before.

Joseph was the name of Jacobs new companion and he was a former boxer and was currently a superb coach. Jacob was always into boxing but felt that hurting other beings was harsh but after witnessing the racism he was ready to release his anger. He asked Joseph if he could become a boxer. Joseph had a pale face with a surprised expression. I need to do something with my life and I sure as hell am never gonna become a accountant under this government. Joseph was eager to use his coaching skill to tutor the young scion. We will need two weeks before you are to pose any threats to our opponnents.

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Two weeks later Jacob Nzama had his first fight. As he entered the ring he was up against the 00 pond destruction man, Peter Evans who was a heavy weight division fighter. Nzama stood there as still as a flag pole, not intimidated by one bit at his opponent. His neck was bowed down and he closed his eyes, asking the Lord to guide him through this fight to a victory. At first sight of Nzama it was clear that he was absolutely elegant. His boots were laced up to the very last hole as they dazled into the eyes of the crowd. His figure had a vastly increased in size and easily exposing the bulk of his muscles. He was waering black silk trunks that floated so gracefully as he warmed up. The bell sounded shattering the kaotic crowd and created a peacefull silence. Jacob danced around the ring as his frustrated opponent took vigourous swings at him but all his lathagic swings hit were drops of persperation coming from Nzamas forehead. He dodged these brutal blows so well that it seemed as if he caculated his opponents every move. After the eighth round Nzamas opponent was exhausted taking advantage of this energetic Jacob landed a blistering roght hook to the jaw of his opponent. It was the end of a breathtaking fight of which the underdog was victorious.

Two years later Nzama was crowned the heavyweight champion of the world and was awarded with five million dollars. He moved his mother and sister to the big city and purchased a 10 hectare mansion for them to live in. The whites only library of which he was diss-allowed to enter years ago was purchased by Jacob and donated to the charity. It was named after him. His fans around the world were touched by his actions. He then studied business accounting for years and eventually attained his diploma. The government had for once witnessed the tide turning and decided to treat all beings as one. Jacob Nzama had shown the people that anything can be accomplished if you showed shear determination.

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