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Identify the contention, list arguments/evidence.

This article is focused on the negative consequences of genetic engineering. Doreen Stabinsky refers to her main argument of this being a relatively new science with unpredictable consequences.

She discusses the threats of genetic engineered crops to unique ecosystems that leaves irreversible consequences.

Examples of language and persuasive devices

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Doreen Stainsky is attempting to relate the article to the middle-aged group. Her main arguments are clear and precise which leaves readers with no hesitation of believing her arguments. Her use of Terminology isn’t overwhelming for the desired readers to comprehend, which allows readers to fully grasp the key ideas of her response without feeling intimidated by her knowledge.

In Motion Magazine Are these changes irreversible?

Doreen Stabinsky Genetically organised organisms are by the very nature of the fact that they are organisms, alive. They live. They reproduce. In that respect, yes, the changes are irreversible because you are talking about an organism that reproduces and distributes itself in the environment. Humans dont have a very good track record of once theres an organism that invades a particular environment of going out and being able to recall that organism. It just doesnt work that way. I dont know of any instance where eradication is one hundred percent complete.

Another technique that gives instant recognition of a well planned article is if they can view both sides of the issue without simply focusing on their main intentions. Here is an example of Doreen not ruling out genetic engineering but suggesting solutions to the problem rather then criticising it.

In Motion Magazine How would you implement the principle?

Doreen Stabinsky Greenpeaces position is that to ensure implementation of the precautionary principle with respect to genetically engineered organisms, there should be a ban on releases into the environment. GMOs pose a long term threat of harm and the only way to make sure that you dont see that harm is to not release anything into the environment that could cause it.

Exploration of various fields of genetic engineering also influence readers to be persuaded by your presentation which is used in the article.

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